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If you find bleeding gums during the brushing, then it might be caused due to some bacterial infection in your gums. It is suggested to consult with your dentist once in six months, and solve this issue with proper medication. Along with that your can apply some home remedies to prevent bleeding gums

Here you can find some natural remedies to prevent bleeding gums at the initial stage:

  • Mouthwash: You must use some medicated mouthwash twice a day because during your consumption of some food, some particles may get stuck into your teeth, and you need to wash them cautiously. If you cannot remove these food ingredients properly then these will be deposited in your mouth and gums and create infection in the future.
  • Gargle with salt: Salt is easily available in your kitchen and you can use it to prevent bleeding gums. Salt has a rich amount of minerals and you just need to mix some salt with warm water and gargle it thrice a day. It will clear your mouth and remove all bacterial infection from your gums. You will find some improvement after a few days of application only.

  • Baking soda: Baking soda is very effective to prevent gum infections, and you can use it in a normal way. You can dip your toothbrush in some baking soda and brush your teeth twice everyday. It provides your mouth afreshness and makes your teeth shine. Along with that you can mix some baking soda with water and wash your mouth. It works the same as brushing your teeth.
  • Vegetables: Raw vegetables are essential for your health improvement and if you chew some raw vegetables then it will improve the blood circulation of your gums. It is very difficult to chew vegetables with bleeding gums. So you can slightly boil some vegetables and take them twice per day.

  • Cranberry juice: Cranberry juice has excellent antibacterial ingredients and it can fight against gum infections. You can take this juice twice a day during your bleeding gums problem. But maximum cranberry juice has a huge amount of sugar and saturated fat and it is suggested to avoid these packaged juices and make some juice in your home only.

How to prevent bleeding gums?

  • Wash your teeth and mouth everyday
  • Consult with the dentist regularly
  • Use some natural and herbal medication to prevent bleeding gums

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