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Keep yourself healthy with simple and organic chia seeds that are easily available and simple to consume. Prefer super food to fast food.

In today’s fast world where whole grain’s prices touch the sky, there comes a saviour, which is not only healthy but also every doctors/dietician’s recommendation; chia seeds . These seeds are easily available everywhere around you just like any other whole grain. Chia seeds also known as Tukmalanga in Hindi have a high nutritional value. 

Health benefits-

  • Helps in weight loss- these basically reduce food cravings during odd hours.
  • These seeds are loaded with antioxidants-antioxidants which are essential for our health.
  • The carbohydrates in chia seeds are fibres-the carbohydrates in chia seeds are fibres which help in digestion, making the seeds easily digestible at every age.
  • Helps diabetic patients, heart patients- there are some elements present this whole grain which helps in the improvement of health of a type-2 diabetes patient. Also they help in lowering heart-related diseases.
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids— omega-3 works as an anti-inflammatory substance and lower heart diseases.
  • Helps in stamina building-As they are loaded with carbohydrates, these can help in the improvement of stamina like any other sports drink.

Chia seeds are in trend these days. A number of scientists call chia seeds ‘super foods’ as they have various health benefits and can be easily included in our diets.

How to include these in your diet?

Here are some ways to include chia seeds in your diets:-

  • These can be eaten raw as these are crunchy and have a very nutty flavour.
  • Can be soaked in water and simply added to your meal.
  • Taste great in pudding, cakes.
  • Can be added to all kinds of baking products like breads, muffins etc.

Some famous recipes including chia seeds are:

  • Chia water
  • Chia rice salads
  • Chia chocolate pudding
  • Chia smoothie
  • Chia stir fry
  • Chia fresca
  • Chia breads

Amount of chia to be consumed in one day

As recommended by dieticians, 20 grams of chia seeds twice a day is appropriate. You may also ask your concerned doctors/dieticians about the same. The amount of chia to be consumed may vary from person to person.

As the saying goes, survival of the fittest,hence in today’s fast and competitive world we need to be fit. Chia seeds, the super food, are one of the best examples to stay healthy and fit.  Click here to browse through more products by Joy by Nature.


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