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If you find any difficulty in breathing, then it might be an asthma problem and you need to consult with a doctor regarding this disease. Asthma can affect your breathing system, and it will block the air passage between your nasal cavity and mouth to lung. So be careful about this disease as asthma does not have any permanent cure and medication. You can control asthma with some natural remedies.

Here you can find some natural remedies to avoid asthma, and if you try out these remedies on a regular basis, then you will find some improvement in your breathing.

  1. Clove: Clove is very effective for asthma and you need to take some cloves and boil them in a pan of water and drink it twice a day. It helps you detoxify your lung and prevent asthma easily.
  2. Ginger: You can apply some ginger to avoid asthma. Mix some cloves with one tablespoon of honey and some pomegranate juice, and take this mixture twice or thrice a day. Along with that you can mix some dry ginger with honey and soak it overnight. It will help you prevent asthma, and you will find improvement within few weeks only.

  1. Mustard oil: Mustard oil has some ingredients which can prevent asthma. If you feel some breathing problems, then you just warm some mustard oil and massage it on your whole chest thoroughly. You can apply this oil twice per day and it will block your asthma and help you take a fuller breath.
  2. Coffee: Caffeine is best for asthma and it clears the passage of your nasal system. You can take coffee twice a day. It is suggested to drink black coffee and do not mix it with milk at any cost. Apart from that, if you do not like coffee then you can take some black tea too. It works the same as coffee.

  1. Honey: You can take two tablespoons of honey with water and take it thrice a day. Along with that you can mix some cinnamon powder with this mixture, and drink it with warm water only. So do not consume honey at bedtime, and try to drink honey with water in the morning every day.

What are the reasons of developing asthma?

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Generic
  • Lung infection / blockage
  • Low weight birth
  • Air pollution
  • Allergy

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