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Staying healthy and fit at an old age seems remotely possible for many folks. Well, it's true that people living at 80s would have gone through a lot of physiological changes, but this doesn't necessarily decide their overall wellbeing. With proper care the problems of old age can be minimized. When the body is in sound state it helps to improve confidence and perspective towards life. Here are some dos for people living an old age to keep their body healthy.

Engage in easy exercises

Exercising doesn't mean lifting weights and running hard on the wheel. There are exercises for older people that work on flexibility and energizing the body. Going on a slow walk in the morning or evening is a great way to keep the body fit even when 80. Before doing any of the exercise, consult your doctor to know if exercising is appropriate for your body condition.


Older people suffer from various vitamins and mineral deficiencies. The problems like weaker bones, pain in the spine, drowsiness, and other health issues could be faced because of such deficiencies. To overcome these problems, doctors usually prescribe nutritional supplements . These supplements help in replenishing nutrients in the body. Also, organic green teas  can helpful to increase appetite, conditioning of brain and heart.


Out of many benefits, one useful benefit is that massage can relieve muscle and joint pains. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating on the body. The massage improves blood circulation which helps in maintaining the health of various body organs. People who want a massage would visit a massage parlor but massages can be done at home as well. All you need is a bottle of essential oil  and gentle massaging action on the body.

 How to spend your time at an old age

Once a person retires from the job, he or she experiences a slow life. If you want to pass time, you need to engage in activities that interest you or simply try out different things and choose what you like. Here are a few suggestions

  • Spend time on your dearest hobby
  • Play with your grandchildren, feed pets, nieces or nephews
  • Learn new things like a foreign language, instrument or sport
  • Read newspapers, novels and stories
  • Join a laugh club or any other community of your interest
  • Travel to new places, go on camping, fishing, hike
  • Go to a concert

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