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In the hopes of providing the healthiest, freshest, safest and most organic of foods to their babies, more and more parents are making their own recipes and DIY tips to making their own organic baby food. It takes no genius to figure out that giving your baby organic food is the best choice because of the lack of chemicals and synthetic dyes; however, the choice of what to actually feed your baby is an individual one. With the tips, tricks, and answers given below, you can make an informed choice and feed your child the healthiest and most organic of baby foods.

What is organic baby food?

Organic baby food is essentially making a mash or a puree out of organic and fresh vegetables and fruits, which is not only more environmentally friendly as it saves time, paper and materials that go into packaging store bought baby food, but is also economically viable as its much cheaper to make your own vegetable puree than to buy it from the store. Using the simplest and easiest recipes to make the freshest and most delicious baby food, your baby can have a whole variety of highly nutritious organic baby foods to help it grow and develop into a healthy toddler.

What are the benefits of organic baby food?

Normal store bought baby food often comes in tricky little plastic or glass cups that just get thrown away after use. Making your own baby food means that you not only save up on money as it’s cheaper buying raw vegetables and fruits than processed baby food, but you also help reduce your own carbon footprint by not buying all the plastic! You get all, 100% of the benefits of the vegetable and fruits in the baby food. In addition, the knowledge that your baby is getting the freshest, most natural, pesticide free, insecticide free and preservative free food to help him grow into a healthy child is only the icing on the cake, even while ignoring that it’s all at just a fraction of the cost!

How to make organic baby food?

Every parent has the liberty to make his or her own recipes for baby food, as per her own baby’s individual tastes and preferences. However, the following are the easiest and simplest organic baby food recipes:

  • Avocado Mash: Mash together one banana and half an avocado to create a sweet and soft puree that your child will love to eat.
  • Banana Oatmeal: Run your boiled oatmeal through a food processor with a banana to create a sweet breakfast food item for your baby.
  • Broccoli and Pears: With good seasoning, a puree of boiled broccoli and mashed pears makes a great lunch item for your baby.

There are tons of other organic baby food recipes out there, that are sure to cater to every and all babies’ likes and dislikes. These are only a few of the easiest and simplest recipes. Click here to see what more Joy By Nature has to offer to help you feed your child the most nutritious meal possible.


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