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Have you been falling ill a lot recently? Do you feel like your immune system is getting affected strongly and that too in a bad way? And you’re 100% sure you are all diseased, and yet nothing like that comes up in your reports? Albeit there are chances that your immune system could’ve been compromised, on second thoughts there are chances that you are perfectly fine and all you need is a proper balanced diet to boost your system. So, in case your medical reports don’t show anything wrong in your body try following these tips that might just do the trick.

Illness and Balanced Diet

The major reason behind a bad health can be lack of a balanced diet. We all have learnt in elementary school that an unbalanced diet is enough to disrupt your whole system and make you feel very sick. Sick enough to make you feel like it’s the end of the world. Even though we know this fact, we tend to ignore it easily. A healthy and organic diet is of utmost importance to boost your weak immune system and make up for any deficiency that might be leading to poorer health.

So let us have a look at some of the foods that must and must not be included in our diet to keep illness at bay.


Vitamin deficiency causes more problems than other essential nutrients. It is advised to have a vitamin rich diet. Try to pop up a multi-vitamin to keep up the vitamin content in your body within normal range. Vitamin C and D are most essential vitamins and must be included in the diet on a regular basis.


Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in green vegetables and many other organic foods that gives a boost to the immune system to individuals who work under stress. Quercetin not only boosts the immune system but also improves the reaction time and alertness of an individual.

Dairy Products

Dairy products provide essential nutrients like calcium, proteins and most of the vitamins. Go for fat-free dairy products to cut out the fat and enjoy their othernutritious benefits.


Using more refined flour might seem as a healthy way of consuming proteins but instead of making your diet healthy, the truth is it snatches away all the nutrition. Try switching from white to whole-grain to supplement all the necessary nutrition to the body.

Added Sugars Are A Big No-No

Sugar has been proven to be a main cause for worsening problems that arise from yeast and candida growth in the body. This slows down the healing process in the person when sick. Aside from the obvious problems that are caused by sugar like diabetes and other blood sugar conditions, they also promote the symptoms that enhance your allergies. Limit your sugar intake to the natural organic food products.

Try to follow a healthy diet and maintain a balance diet using organic food and strengthen your weak immune system to live a healthy life. Click here, to browse through a wide range of products we’ve in store for you at JBN.


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