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Does your short stature worry you? You feel like there’s a chance to increase your height Well here’s some good news just for you. Here are tips that can help you increase your height and are said to be very effective. Introduce yourself to a healthy lifestyle and stop the world from calling you ‘short’ anymore. Boost your confidence as you increase in height and let your radiant personality outshine you. Follow these simple tips mentioned below and see for yourself how effective these are.

Short stature can be due to many reasons. A number of elements like nutrition, hormones and also the genes of the individual perpetuate normal growth. If any of these elements fail to serve fully it might result in a stunted growth. Let us have a look at the factors affecting height of an individual.

  • Malnutrition

Lack of nutrition and unhealthy diet is the major cause of a stunted height

  • Delayed puberty

Individuals do not have a growth failure but instead have a slow growth rate that results in a short height.

  • Diseases and disorders

Long-term illness affects your body resistance and your growth rate. The antibiotics affect your hormones and might affect your growth hormones as well.

  • Hormonal changes

Growth hormone deficiency and other hormonal disorders disrupt your normal body functions thereby affecting your height.

  • Syndromes

Down syndrome and Turner syndrome have been proven to affect the growth rate of an individual.

  • Genetic issues

It may happen that you don’t have it in your genes. Genes contribute to Short height in ways like slow growth rate.

Do not get distressed, read on to find the best diet that can supplement all the necessary nutrition and other elements to climb up the height chart. Even though the height of the body is determined genetically, proper food and essential supplements, if taken regularly can help an individual achieve an optimum height. Here is what must be included in your regular diet for increasing your height.


Proteins contain amino acids that are meant for triggering growth hormones. They are the building blocks of our body and therefore help in building up the tissues of our body thereby increasing our height. Proteins act as enzymes, which simulate certain biochemical reactions hence performing an over-hauling of the body.


Minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, iron, iodine and sodium play an important role in increasing the height and must be present in our body in required amounts.


Vitamin D is the most essential strong bones and lack of Vitamin D results in short stature. Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin F must be supplemented regularly for normal growth.

Even though our genes mainly govern our body height, we can influence it by providing it proper nutrition also. You can also take capsules meant for increasing height and other supplementary powder and drinks that are organic and effective. Click here, to browse through our store and find 100% organic products we’ve for you at JBN.


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