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Finding the best way to reduce smoking is a problem many cigarette users grapple with on a regular basis. Not only is smoking cigarettes a very difficult habit to let go of, it also has disastrous consequences for one’s health. If you have been smoking for a long time, regardless of fitness levels, there are chances that many harmful toxins have begun accumulating in your system. Thankfully, these damages have been widely researched, and knowing where to start with the cleansing process can be a powerful motivator to quit smoking. More and more of supplements are now available online, and are making quitting more accessible.

  • Respiratory function gets affected

The most obvious side-effect of smoking is wheezing, whooping cough and difficulty in breathe deeply. This happens due to Carbon-Monoxide and Tar accumulation inside the lungs, which causes irritation in the respiratory tracks and generally affects the ability of the lungs to transfer oxygen to the blood efficiently. It is necessary to minimise this issue and ensure improved lung function so that routine physical exercises don’t tire one out easily.

  • Toxin accumulation in the blood

Lungs transfer oxygen to the blood, and the toxins from cigarettes often find their way to the blood stream and the rest of the body. It is essential to keep the blood circulation free of nicotine, which is the substance that makes cigarettes so addictive. A gradual removal from the system increases chances of succeeding in kicking the habit altogether!

  • Changing habit patterns

Smoking can often become a ritual rather than a necessity. To escape this trap, it is advisable to move to alternatives to cigarettes, such as organic sticks that are free of nicotine and other toxins. It also helps to substitute the cigarettes with something to chew on, such as parsley leaves that get rid of the bad breath as well. Drinking Green tea is also
a habit that can inculcate to detox the body and create a more healthy habit cycle.

  • Managing the withdrawal symptoms

Due to its addictive nature, a dramatic reduction in the daily dose of nicotine often causes headaches and increase in stress levels. It is necessary at this point to exercise and control the urge to start smoking again. A great way to combat stress and tension caused by smoking cessation is to deal with the erratic sleeping and practice meditation or yoga.

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