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There are numerous diseases that are surviving in today’s world waiting to enter a host. The easiest route for them is to through the mouth during ingestion of food and therefore washing hands before and after meals has become important.

The diseases today are becoming more and more dangerous. Due to the extreme weather conditions they are becoming more and more immune to even the strongest of medications and treatments. Therefore it is only wise to prevent them from entering the system as early as possible. The simplest and the most effective route through which they enter the body is by sticking to the hand and entering via any material ingested by the hand. This is the reason that people who are oblivious to the concept of washing hand before meal using Effective Hand wash mostly in rural areas have a higher chance of falling sick than their responsible counterpart.

Washing hands before has been stressed on by the teachers and parents around the world. Since early childhood, the habit of maintaining a hygienic eating environment has been stressed on imposed so that the children don’t fall sick during that age which may hamper the growth process. Organic Hand wash are being set up in school washrooms in rural and less developed urban areas so as to promote this scheme. Not only before the meal, but washing hands after the meal is also equally important.

One might agree to the fact the using Hand Soap before the meal removes the dirt and harmful bacteria from the hands but might question the act of thorough washing of hand after meal. Mere sprinkling of water post a meal might get off the major chunk of food but the tiny bits get clung on to places such as under the nails. These are then propagated by the hands and they can start a bacterial infestation by creation of an unhealthy atmosphere. Using of Liquid Soap helps thoroughly wash the hands clean and thus prevents the spreading of diseases via this medium.

Usage of Organic Hand soap has been a rather recent affair with people mostly opting for solely water based hand wash prior to it. There is a very important role that hand washes play in keeping the hands free of dirt and pollution. They help remove the layer of water that is formed above the skin while washing and which traps a large chunk of the dirt with it. Not using soap wouldn’t be the best idea because the hands might not be as clean as they look. One must always take hygiene seriously because in this age of epidemics and chaos, cleanliness is the only thing that can be relied upon.


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