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Dr Suresh Singhvi, Senior Consultant Liver transplant Surgeon says in one of his interviews with Zee Media, the more you drink alcohol, the more likely you are to damage your liver. Alcohol directly affects the liver cells, causes swelling and can eventually lead to scarring of tissue or cirrhosis, which can be deadly.

Liver is one of the most important organs which drives or regulates the functions of so many other organs in our body. If liver gets disturbed it directly have impact on our overall health.  Because of environmental pollutants, smoking, drinking excessive amount of alcohol, stress, unhealthy and deeply fried food, liver gets overloaded, and then this disturbed liver starts behaving unnaturally in our body. When liver is imposed by these unhealthy impurities, it gets unable to operate toxins and fat in an efficient way and these are the reasons that make our liver unhealthy.

A good conditioned liver can be reflected best through a healthy and fit body. We are blessed and surrounded by so many natural edible ingredients that are much beneficial for overall wellness & some of them are mentioned below that help to cleanse your liver naturally. Come let’s have a look on it-

Garlic- It is a wonderful natural ingredient available in your kitchen; it can effortlessly flush out toxins from body. This tinny penetrating white ball has allicin and selenium named two natural properties in it that make it enable to eliminate toxins from our body and aid to cleanse liver.

Green Tea- Green tea can be called an elixir of immortality. It has so many favourable properties for human beings. This beverage is loved by our liver a lot because of having antioxidants plant, known as catechins. This compound guides the functions of the liver. This healthy brew is not only yummy in taste but also improves your overall diet.

Apple- Rightly said, “An apple in a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are high in pectin and hold chemical constituent that are essential to release the toxins from the body through digestive tract and cleanses the liver. On the other hand, it helps the liver to manage the pressure of toxic during the cleansing processes. Apples are not only good for liver but also uplift our overall health.

Lemon & Lime Juice- Lemons are the greatest source of vitamin C which plays a crucial role in cleansing liver. This citric little fruit has power to remove toxic material from our body efficiently. Simply, just squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of water and have it in morning, it will aid stimulate your liver in a best possible way.

Organic Turmeric- This organic yellow spice holds a lot more within itself for us. It helps to accelerate liver detox, by regulating enzymes that eliminate dietary carcinogens. So don’t forget to add the goodness of this detoxifying spice in your veggies and give an instant boost to your liver.

There is no better time than now to start living healthy, so drink plenty of water to surprise your liver.



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