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Breast pain is known as mastalgia, which is seen very often in women. It may be due to several reasons including hormonal imbalance, dietary needs, deficiency of vitamins, and many more. Breast tenderness is basically of two types

  • Cyclic: It occurs during a certain time, generalised pain in both your breasts which is associated with your period. It starts somewhere around your menstrual cycle or the week before you get your period. This is very normal and the pain can be reduced easily. Do not worry yourself sick about this one!
  • Non-cyclic: Occurs throughout the month and the pain is mostly in a certain area on your breasts. It may have various reasons like pregnancy, intake of medications like ant-depressants, hormone replacement therapy which can be caused by by breast cancer, which is rarest of the rare. But in case you have reasons to believe that the pain you’re experiencing is of this type, then please visit your doctor.

DIY ways to reduce breast soreness:

  • Your breasts are made up of tissues and fat and are prone to soreness. To relieve your breast of the tenderness, when in shower use a herbal soap on your breasts and gently massage them from the centre of your chest out to your armpit. This improves blood circulation.

  • Your breasts need support when they are tender. Wear the right size and type of bra. Supportive bras are ideal during such a time.
  • Your diet needs to be cleaned too. Avoid eating fatty and oily food. Instead eat more soybeans and other soy foods. It contains phytoestrogen which are known to influence hormonal fluctuation related to menopause and menstruation.

  • When talking about dietary changes, increase in their take of fibre is advised. Or opt for dietary supplements rich in fibre. This will strengthen your digestive system. The soreness may even be due to excess of oestrogen. This excess will be flushed out of your system, hence reducing the pain.
  • Watch your intake of sodium it increases water retention. Opt for products with low sodium content.
  • Dandelion is a natural diuretic. When consumed in form of dandelion capsules, it helps in decreasing the soreness.
  • Massaging your breasts with evening primrose oil helps during premenstrual syndrome.

  • Vitamin E and B6 may work together to prevent breast tenderness; boost your diet by eating nuts, barley and wheat germ for more Vitamin E and avocados, lean meats and spinach for plenty of B6, or intake of supplementary capsules is an option too.

Natural methods to reduce breast soreness are preferable to medicines which contain steroids and other hormones; which only increases the risks of side effects. Organic products have gained popularity among the masses for the very reason that it is effective and safe. Click here for more organic supplements.


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