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The environment as seen today is an extreme version of what it was a couple of decades ago. Due to the changing face of human modernisation, the earth is heating up with the sun unleashing its wrath in the form of harmful radiations that pass through the safety net called ozone layer and cause countless types of skin diseases such as skin cancer and sunburns. In such an extreme situation where excessive exposure to sun is highly harmful one must be careful of the amount of exposure and frequency of exposure which might be highly beneficial in preventing such problems in the long run. Along with the preventive measures there are various organic Sunscreen products that are highly useful when it comes to preventing sunburns and other similar problems. Apart from sunscreens, there are also numerous organic products that would prevent unnecessary Tan and sunburn.

There are several organic Sunscreen products available in the market but it is up to the consumer if he/she makes the right choice. There are chemically produced sunscreen products that promise a higher degree of protection against the harmful radiations of the sun that cause sunburn, but in reality, they have negligible effect or rather aid the process of damaging one’s skin. The ingredients used in the products are extremely harmful to the natural balance of the skin which can lead to large problems in the long run.

One must always choose organic products when it comes to Tan, Sunscreen, and other similar products because of their relatively safer action on the skin. They might not include the amalgamation of highly strong chemicals but their natural composition is equally effective in providing the skin a suitable protection against sunburns.

Apart from choosing the right products to protect the skin, one must also adopt some measures so as to prevent sunburn.

  • One must avoid long term exposure to sun especially during the noon hours and should be well aware of the sensitivity of their skin. Some people have stronger tolerance towards sunlight while some might succumb to sunburns with a low frequency of long term exposures. Therefore it is always safe to find roof during the peak noon hours. During the summer months, the afore mentioned point might be a completely trivial thing, but people who have to have long term exposures due to prior commitments need to change their pattern and avoid working under the sun for long periods of time without any protection.

  • While going to places such as a beach, one must never forget to carry a sunscreen which is safe and effective. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the beach, people tend to lose track of what is important and end up getting sunburns due to the tropical heat and long term exposure. The problems further escalates when it is shrugged off as a minor problem and there no attempt to find a long term solution or prevent it from happening in the future. Therefore one must always keep at least 1 pack of organic sunscreen before heading to the beach.
  • The fact that most people are unaware of is what to do after the occurrence of sunburns. One must very carefully apply wet towel or ice to the area to bring a little bit of relief to victim and also help bring down the temperature in the area before applying moisturizer and/or Aloe Vera gel which would help rebuilt and heal the damage that might have been cause to the different layers of the skin. Then good care must be taken to keep the skin well-nourished and moisturized so that further damage isn’t caused.



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