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The barley plant is popular globally. But it is usually harvested when the shoots are well ripened. But did you know that young, fresh, green barley grass too has some amazing health benefits? It is extremely rich in nutrients and is considered a super food among many. From helping with colitis to acting as a supportive treatment for cancer there are a multitude of health benefits of barley grass. It contains all the essential vitamins, many electrolytes and other important minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. It also has amino acids and powerful antioxidants which work over time to keep the body healthy and free of diseases and problems. Consuming barley grass ensures that your body receives the necessary fibers but keeps away any bad cholesterol which could damage your systems. So whether you are fighting addiction, want to cleanse your body, or treat cellular damage due to radiation, you should turn to barley grass.

Here are some of the most common reasons that barley grass is favored among the population.

  1. Powerful Antioxidants

Along with vitamin E and carotene, barley grass also contains a critical enzyme which helps to neutralize the free radicals in the body. It displays superb antioxidant properties which are essential to keep the oxidative processes in the systems in check and keep the organs functioning smoothly. The neutralization of free radicals ensures that the metabolism can function at the necessary rate and capacity without interference. The antioxidant properties ensure that serious diseases and ailments which can be caused due to oxidative stress are kept away.

  1. Helps Detox

Barley grass acts as a natural detoxification agent. It has a cleansing ability which can dispel built up metals such as lead which can cause behavioral disorders. The detoxification is caused primarily by the zinc and copper content of barley grass. Along with this, the chlorophyll content helps to eliminate large amounts of waste from the body such as mucus and crystallized acids which can cause harm in large quantities. Through the detoxification properties, barley grass boosts the metabolism and strengthens the liver as well.

  1. Treats Ulcerative Colitis

Barley grass helps to stimulate the good bacteria present in the gut and thus can reduce the harmful chemicals in the bowel. It acts on the system to alleviate any inflammation that has occurred and reduces other symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis. Consuming barley grass regularly balances the fluidity in the digestive tract and in the bowel and helps to eliminate the built up waste and toxins in the body.


  1. Helps Battle Addiction

Barley grass contains glutamic acid which helps to reduce cravings for harmful materials that the body may be addicted to. For those who want to overcome their addiction for habits involving alcohol, nicotine, drugs, coffee or even sugar should regularly consume barley sugar to keep the cravings and withdrawals symptoms at bay and to ease the journey to a healthier life.

  1. Boosts Immune System

When the immune system is down, the body is highly susceptible to various infections and diseases. Barley grass helps to rebuild the defence system of the body by providing it with the necessary nutritional elements required to keep the immune system at its best health. It allows for the production of the right amount of immune cells which can counteract the viruses and bacteria which enter the body.  Regular consumption can keep the systems protected and help keep fatal diseases at bay.

  1. Balances Alkali And Acid Levels

Excessive acids in the body can lead to a number of problems. Barley grass has high alkaline levels which can reduce the acidity in the body and restore a natural balance in the systems. Excessive acidity can cause acidosis damage and also lead to problems such as sleep disorders, cardiac problems, constipation, lethargy and brittle fingernails. Barley grass helps to combat the imbalance and restore the necessary acid-alkali levels in the body.

The plentiful and nutritional nature of barley grass affects every part of the body and ensures that it maintains optimal health. Now that you know about its many uses, you too can benefit from this amazing plant right away.



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