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Black beans make for a delicious and healthy meal choice. While it is popular in Mexican and Latin American cuisine, it has now found its way all over the world. They are easy to make and are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. They help prevent cardiovascular diseases and can also maintain a balance in the blood sugar levels. Besides this, they are very good for reproductive health as they reduce chances of birth defects in the fetus and can also prevent impotence in men.

It is very easy to prepare black beans. You can make a soup, or boil them and add to salads or even make a delicious gravy based dish. However it is necessary to soak them in water before eating to ensure that they are soft enough to consume.

Since black beans are rich in proteins they are an excellent option for vegetarians who need to up their protein intake. Eating black beans with whole wheat bread, chapatti or brown rice is one of the best and most wholesome meals one can have.

Take a look at some of the health benefits of black beans in more detail.

  1. Cancer Preventive Action

Black beans are a source of flavanoids, which can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. These flavanoids function as antioxidants and help eliminate the free radicals from the body which can cause oxidative stress and lead to mutation of cancer causing cells. The anthocyanins present in the black beans also inhibit the blood vessels which lead to cancerous tumor growths and help slow down the progress of the dangerous cells in the body. Adding black beans to your regular diet can fortify your body and keep you out of cancer’s harmful reach.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar

Black beans help to regulate the digestive system which ensures a proper release of sugar into the blood stream and balanced blood sugar levels. The fibers and proteins in the black beans keep the digestion on track and nutrients are appropriately disseminated. If the digestive system is not on track it can cause spikes in blood sugar levels which is risky for diabetic patients. Black beans help to control this problem so that blood sugar surges do not occur frequently.

  1. Balances The Nervous System

Black beans contain the essential amino acids and molybdenum which boost the functioning of the central nervous system. They also have high amounts of vitamin B and folic acid which regulates the release of amino acids which are crucial for the functioning of the nervous system. They manage the overall health of the nerves and prevent the possibility of dangerous neurodegenerative diseases at a later age.

  1. Pre-Natal Health For Pregnant Mothers

Folate present in black beans is also very helpful for prenatal care. It helps to protect the fetus in the womb and ensures that the necessary nutrients reach the infant. The folate also helps to boost the development of the fetus especially the brain and spinal cord. Pregnant women should regularly consume black beans to ensure good health and appropriate development of the baby.

  1. Reduction Of Sulfites

Foods dry fruits, wine and certain vegetables contain sulfites which while good for the health in certain quantities can also cause headaches and disorientation. Some people are very sensitive to these sulfites and hence cannot consume these foods due to the discomfort caused. Black beans on the other hand are rich in molybdenum which counteracts the effects of the sulfite by neutralizing them. This way, you can once again enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about sulfite sensitivity.

While cooking black beans, make sure to soak them in water, boil and cook them properly. This eliminates the negative effect of phytic acids in the beans and then they are very safe to consume. These beans can be easily stored and you can keep incorporating them to your diet as required. So get started with your very own innovative black bean recipes today!

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