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Organic Amla well known for its broad spectrum of benefits, especially in the Indian sub continent is the sour fruit, widely known as Indian Gooseberry. Certain properties of Organic Amla including the rich content of Vitamin C and essential minerals like Iron, Phosphorous and Calcium impart the antioxidant properties to the fruit, making it an antidote for most chronic diseases. Further to the antioxidant properties of Organic Amla is the Vitamin B content and Carotene contained in it, which gradually clears the body of toxins and reverses the harmful affects of essential body functions that have gone haywire due to the accumulation of toxins. Organic Amla also has the ability to strengthen important organ systems and bring about harmony in the overall functioning of the human system.

Chronic diseases that engulf multiple organs in the body and precipitate deep into the chemical processes are best handled by the healing essences of Organic Amla, which not just strengthens the heart and brain, the primary drivers of the human body, but also strengthens the liver, stomach, lungs and sense organs, especially the eyes.  Due to the antioxidant nature of Organic Amla, it is able to revitalize skin and hair naturally, from the inside out. Besides, it tones muscles, cools the body, flushes the body to help it get rid of toxins alongside strengthening the urinary system and retards the ageing process.

Blood Sugar Control with Organic Amla for Diabetes Management

One of the lesser known facts of Organic Amla is the Chromium content present in it, which has the ability to impact the utilization and management of sugar present in the blood. When it comes to people living with Diabetes, the Indian gooseberry or Organic Amla can make a difference by stimulating the group of cells that produce Insulin. Organic Amla also reduces the sugar content in the blood. This function of Organic Amla regulates metabolism and generates energy for use by the body. Blood sugar is also regulated within optimal range and this prevents episodes of spikes and dips from occurring anytime during the day.

Heart Health through Regular Consumption of Organic Amla

Organic Amla not just strengthens the muscles in the heart, but also cuts down on the buildup of bad cholesterol inside arteries. The condition of arteries that results as a consequence of the plaque build up from cholesterol is the major degenerative process that effects overall heart health, by narrowing arteries, making them more and more rigid and restricting blood flow, and eventually causing stroke and heart attack. Chromium content in Organic Amla is a cardiac healer, which can reduce and prevent the build up of plaque, also scientifically known as atherosclerosis and the Iron content present in Indian Gooseberry impacts the generation of new blood cells, allowing the blood to carry more oxygen rich blood, and regenerate cells and tissues at an accelerated pace.

Optimal Calcium Absorption through Organic Amla for Bone Health

The natural degeneration of the human body is often brought about prematurely, owing to the present day lifestyle, due to deterioration of bones and the skeletal system and its inability to absorb and retain calcium for optimal bone density. The depletion of this calcium not only causes an array of bone diseases like osteoporosis, but considerably raises chances of breakage and rupturing of nails, teeth and bones. Oftentimes, the lack luster looks of hair and the body is also due to calcium depletion. Organic Amla has the ability to promote and mediate the absorption of calcium in the body, so that it is utilized by the bones, hair nails and teeth effectively.

Anti Ageing Properties of Organic Amla for Overall Well Being

Organic Amla is a water rich fruit, containing 75-80% water content inside of its pulp. The high content of Vitamin C in Organic Amla serves as the major anti oxidant for the whole human system, collecting free radicals and bringing about reversal and retardation of the human organs, tissues and cells gradually. Further to this, the minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber content present in the Organic Amla have a profound impact on the respiratory, digestive, excretory, cardiovascular and cerebral systems. Organic Amla works its way through the body resolving common chronic problems from indigestion and liver dysfunction to resolution of anemia, reduction of harmful lipids and strengthening bones, nails, hair and teeth.

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