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While most of us are habituated and aware of the benefits that certain hair oils impart to promoting overall health of the hair including strengthening, smoothening and growth, Amla Hair Oil is often undermined and underestimated due to lack of information about the unmatched benefits of Amla in the hair care domain. Just like certain foods are highly concentrated with benefits for the body, often referred to as super foods, Amla Hair Oil is very similar as a super food when it comes to caring for the hair from the root to the tip.


Amla Hair Oil not just provides unmatched nourishment to the hair, it also prevents infections and problems of the hair and scalp from developing or proliferating. In addition, Amla Hair Oil is one of those rare hair tonics that prevents greying of hair due to its antioxidant effect. No wonder Amla is oftentimes referred to as the wonder berry, which stimulates and heals the scalp and hair.


Amla Hair Oil for Promoting Hair Growth and Conditioning Dull Lifeless Hair

Amla Hair Oil has the ability to increase blood circulation in the scalp and strengthening hair roots. The antioxidants in Amla Hair Oil act as protective agents and preventive substances, curbing the role of free radicals, which tend to break down and damage healthy tissues and cells. Equipped with the power of vitamins and minerals in Amla Hair Oil, the super tonic for hair nourishes hair with regular use.


Amla Hair Oil is also a natural conditioner and imparts a characteristic shine and luster to the hair after each use. Amla Hair Oil works from all fronts to clean and condition the hair, preserving their natural composition and unmatched appearance.


Amla Hair Oil is a natural coolant and provides relief from stress and tension resulting everyday. The heat buildup inside the brain that results from a number of factors is cooled naturally with the healing essences of Amla Hair Oil. Hair grows naturally well when the mind is relaxed and blood circulation is at its optimum. This also prevents any adverse conditions of the scalp from developing, which directly affect hair growth and overall health.


Amla Hair Oil for Preventing Greying of the Hair

Amla, which is a rich source of Vitamin C is an antioxidant by its very nature. Due to this property of Amla, the oil extracted from the Indian gooseberry can reverse and prevent signs of ageing with respect to hair. These include falling of hair, greying of hair often prematurely, development of brittle hair that break away easily, rough texture and lack luster appearance and a number of conditions of the scalp that weaken the hair. Amla Hair Oil when used regularly benefits the scalp and hair by way of its antioxidant properties and its nutrients, minerals and vitamins work in unison with its antioxidants to give strength to the hair and scalp and prevent greying and an ageing of the hair and scalp.Amla Hair Oil also makes hair darker and thicker, and for man people, has eliminated the use of dyes and coloring agents for the hair.


Amla Hair Oil for Healing the Hair and Scalp

Amla Hair Oil is a complete solution to all hair problems. It is antibacterial in nature and combats the activity of all microbes effectively. In addition, Amla Hair Oil is an anti-inflammatory agent and an astringent. These properties contained within the Amla Hair Oil keep a number of scalp conditions at bay, including the development of dandruff, which is a tough condition to tackle and renders many medications ineffective.

Amla Hair Oil with the essences of minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties combats the development of dandruff by treating the scalp and the hair follicle and preventing buildup of any kind of impurities from environmental pollution or calcification from hard water. The redness, itching or irritation that develops from some of the worst conditions of the hair root and scalp is very naturally resolved through the use of Amla Hair Oil on a regular basis.


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