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An aromatic shrub, Tulsi finds its origin in the northern central region of India. Found in two types, the Ram Tulsi has a white stem with green leaves while the Shyam Tulsi has a pinkish-purple stem.

Tulsi leaves are not only revered from the religious point of view but are also spiked with medicinal properties. So potent is the benefits of the leaves of this small plant that are even chewing the raw Tulsi leaves is beneficial for the body.


Respiratory problems

The moment we have a sore throat the first home remedy that comes to mind is the Tulsi tea. While a mixture of Tulsi leaves with Honey and Ginger can be used against Bronchitis, Cold, Influenza and Asthma, Tulsi leaves with Cloves and Common Salt have the power to give relief during Influenza. Tulsi leaves are also used in cough syrups and Expectorants.

Paediatric problems

Tulsi leaves are used to treat Paediatric ailments like Diarrhea, Vomiting and Cough and Cold. The leaves of Tulsi, which is mixed with Honey, can be given to children, to protect them from Chicken Pox. Babies are given Tulsi juice regularly to help them with teething problems. Warm Tulsi juice rids the stomach of worms.


Eye problems

Basil juice is a therapy to treat night blindness and sore eyes. Washing the eyes with water in which Tulsi has been soaked protects the eyes from Conjunctivitis, boils and other similar fungal or bacterial infection. These leaves protect the eyes from vision defects, Opthalmia and Cataracts. Glaucoma and Macular degeneration respond to treatment with Tulsi leaves.

Skin Care

This wonder herb finds extensive usage in herbal skin care products. The antiseptic qualities of Tulsi help in the prevention of skin diseases. Cosmetic companies make use of Tulsi’s anti-bacterial properties in their skin products for acne, eczema and pimples. Eaten raw, the Tulsi leaves purifies the blood, and it can be used as a toner by boiling the leaves in water. Tulsi makes an excellent face pack to clear scars from the face.


Hair Care

Tulsi can be used to give the hair a shiny and lustrous look. Instead of using the chemical laden hair products found in markets, it is advisable to use herbal and natural products. Adding Tulsi oil to coconut oil and massaging your scalp daily helps in reducing dandruff. It improves circulation and hair growth.

Dental Care

The benefits of Tulsi in dental care are numerous. Drink a cup of Tulsi tea daily to cure cancers and prevent the development of oral cancerous cells. It is a solution to many common dental issues like plaque, bad breath, tartar and cavities. It can kill oral bacteria and germs and so can be used as a mouth freshener.

Source of Vitamin K

Due to the fact that Vitamin K is involved in blood clotting and also bone mineralization, it is one of the essential requirements of our body. It also helps in metabolism and maintains the functioning of the brain. To prevent Vitamin K deficiency, one cup of Tulsi leaves taken in any form is more than enough.

Deals with Headaches

Tulsi is a natural remedy and a treat for migraines due to the fact that it has disinfectant and sedative properties. Headaches arising due to sinus pressure can be effectively dealt with Tulsi leaves. Take a cup of Tulsi tea daily to deal with problems appearing due to sinus.

Protection against Diabetes

Studies show that Tulsi can control blood glucose levels. It can keep a check on diabetes with its ability to reduce blood sugar levels.

Stomach problems

Tulsi tea is a great support for the digestive system. Tulsi leaves help to relieve the bloated sensation of the stomach. The intake of Tulsi leaves on a regular basis helps in curing stomach ailments like constipation and acidity. People suffering from lack of appetite and even vomiting can take Tulsi leaves.

Due to these amazing healing properties, Tulsi plants can be found in many households for quick home remedy. So next time anyone at home is coming down with a cough, cold, headache or any other minor ailment be sure to use the Tulsi tea therapy.


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