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Sore throats. They don’t come by too often, as least for the most of us, but when they do, they hit you hard and stay for an extended period of time. They can sometimes cause an irritation the effect of which can many days after losing the greatest part of the soreness. The bottom line is, sore threats are terrible, undesirable and bothersome ailments that are best avoided, if anything can be done about it.


What do you do if you do get it? The tried and tested method of huddling over a pot emitting steam is very well, but there are additional things you can do alleviate the discomfort. In this article, we’ve put together a series of foods you can eat to soothe the sore throat. We’re also listing the foods you shouldn’t be eating, the kind that just aggravate the condition further.


Let’s now get to the list of things you should eat:


  1. Soup


A warm bowl of soup will go a long way in soothing your throat pain. It might not be the most nutritious item on this list, but it does have the essential ability to make you feel better which, let’s face it, is what one is looking for when it comes to throat pain. You have many varieties of soups to try, and they all taste great, so why not go for it?


It’s the salt in the soup that makes your throat feel better. If you’ve ever gargled with salt water before, you’ll know what we’re talking about. That soups contain a lot of water, which must be drunk in good quantities when sick, makes it all the more recommendable.


  1. Oatmeal


When is oatmeal not good for you? The dashed good breakfast popular is also an excellent meal to have when sick with a sore throat. This is because oatmeal is so easy to swallow and makes no demands of the throat. Coupled with the fact that it is such a good source of carbs, fiber, protein and so much more, it becomes an unavoidable inclusion to the daily diet. But those afflicted with a sore throat will only concern themselves with its ability to soothe the throat, and that it does well.


  1. Honey


This list wouldn’t be complete without honey. The golden elixir’s viscous nature is very revealing of its soothing property. Honey is a known antimicrobial, making it an obvious choice for something that will help with a sore throat.


You don’t have to eat honey by itself, you can add a spoonful or two to a bowl of oatmeal or a soothing drink.


Things to Avoid


Of course, there are food you should be avoiding when you’ve got a sore throat. Your parents will have told you about them, but let’s refresh the memory.


  1. Junk Food


Junk food may taste great, but we know it’s pretty demanding of the throat. Getting that tasty but scratchy food down the gullet will just inflame the area even more, prolonging and increasing the discomfort one experiences. Do yourself a favour and avoid junk food. It just doesn’t work.


  1. Spicy Food


Food that is too spicy can just irritate your throat and make the condition worse. Spices like cinnamon and chilli powder are particularly capable of aggravating a sore throat.


  1. Foods That Scratch Your Throat


Bread, chips, granola - these are foods that are tough on your throat and cause it some trouble. When you’ve already got a sore throat, eating foods like this, which are quite abrasive, will just worsen the condition. What you want is something that is smooth and just slides down the throat.


There you have it. You should really follow the suggestions listed here if you’d like to eliminate the condition as quickly as possible. Have some bed rest and medication accompany it and you’ll be back in good health in due time.


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