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Diwali the festival of lights is my most favorite festival. The lights, sound, colors, all are part of this great tradition. Diwali also brings along a great deal of food and recipes. The aroma of ghee and sweet coming from the kitchen days before Diwali is the perfect beginning to set the festive mood. But my generation believes in fitness along with fun. Even in the festive mood, we think twice before consuming the awesome gujia and laddoo. The moment we are about to pick up the sweet our neighbors offer us, we think of all the calories they contain. But food is not only about calories. It is also about the goodness it comes with. There is a reason why the ancient people started the festival and festive food. Here is a list of ingredients that are part of almost every festive delicacy and few reasons not to avoid them. This Diwali, don’t count the calories of the food you are about the savor, count the well being and the well thought reason to include that ingredient in your food. Grab on a plate a jalebi as you read this article along with me.

1. Ghee

I am a huge follower of Lord Krishna and like him I love milk and milk products, with ghee and butter as my special favorites. I have been eating a spoonful of ghee every now and then ever since I started talking. I used to ask for a lot of ghee. As I grew up, I realized that ghee contains a lot of calories and should be completely avoided. I followed the heard till the time I read about the awesome benefits this fat contains. We all know ghee is made out of milk, but did you know that in the process of making ghee, while we boil the butter, all the impurities and milk solids are filtered. This is why ghee can be consumed by lactose intolerants without having to go through any ill effects. Another reason to add ghee in your diet is that it keeps our joints lubricated, reduces friction and thus promotes free movement. To know more about this healthy fat called ghee, click here.

2. Dry fruits

Dry fruits, this is the most gifted item of Diwali. You neighbors, you boss, your family and friends, everyone brings along a box of assorted dry fruits as Diwali gifts. I used to wait for the decorative and fancy boxes filled with various dry fruits in my childhood, but again as I grew up, people told me that dry fruits are unhealthy, they increase cholesterol, they contain high amount of sugar and thus are very unhealthy. But nobody told me goodness these tiny things are packed with. Did you know that dry fruits are the best and fastest way to gain energy? This is the reason why soldiers and people trained in crises management are told to carry dry fruits in a case of emergencies. Almond boosts your memory, raisins are a rich source of sucrose thus a good way to satisfy your sugar cravings, walnuts are great for brain and cashew nuts are rich in heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids. Still thinking of not opening that fancy box of dry fruits. To know more about dry fruits, click here.

  1. Oil


Almost every savory dish in Diwali is deep fried in oil. We think oil is unhealthy which is wrong. Oil again is very useful to maintain good health and lubrication in the joints. Oils like peanut oil, which is usually used to prepare Diwali delicacies is a rich source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA). Mustard oil apart from being a rich source of MUFA and PUFA, it also contains omega Alpha 3 and omega Alpha 6 fatty acids. To know more about the goodness of oil, click here.

4. Jaggery

Jaggery is warm in nature and thus the best way to sweeten food. It is not processed like sugar and thus does not contain any harmful chemicals. It helps to boost immunity and prevents from flu, thus prepares our body for winters. This is why you should try and make most of your sweet delicacies with jaggery. Now you know why its called gud in Hindi? To learn more benefits of jaggery, click here.

This Diwali, don’t think of excuses to avoid food, instead find reasons to eat more healthy food. Spread the love and awareness of why you should eat healthy this Diwali.


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