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A refreshing cup of hot green tea is most soothing beverage and also most beneficial for health. Its bioactive composition has been well studied and the product has been guaranteed to have positively stimulating effects for various body systems and organs.

Green tea has been in fashion since long now and now it has become more than that. This liquid has gained position of health drink and has become a favourite with health enthusiasts worldwide. In the following article we put across some ways in which green tea consumption can help you and your family. Yes, your family; because this beverage like tea or coffee does not come with age restrictions for consumption. Its safety index is far wider and it comes with negligible risks which are over weighed with its benefit.

  1. Brain function booster

Caffeine stimulates brain but content in coffee is much more to have degenerative effects and cause addiction-like symptoms. Green Tea on the other hand, has caffeine in limited and healthy quantity. It works to stimulate brain function, enhance mood, remove anxiety and also help overcome mental sluggishness. Along with caffeine green tea has amino acid L-theanine which is also a brain function booster. This amino acid crosses blood brain barrier and works to keep brain active and improves reaction and reflex too.

  1. Protecting brain health

Degeneration is part of aging and neurodegeneration with age has negative and harsh consequences. Bioactive components of green tea including catechin (type of polyphenols) are known to help reduce neurodegeneration significantly. Thus, old age disorders of brain like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be kept at bay with daily consumption of this benefiting beverage.

  1. Benefits for skin

Flavonoids in green tea have major role in avoiding production of free radicals in the body. Thus, this anti-oxidant action help delay onset of signs of aging. Free radicals and aging (slow repair) cause much damage to the skin and results are visible fine lines, wrinkles, liver spots etc. all these can be avoided with green tea. For anti-aging skin benefits, cosmetic manufacturers have also been relying on this product and included it in their face creams, anti-aging creams and serums and even face washes.

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  1. Weight loss

Boosting metabolism is one of the benefits of green tea which attracts weight watchers the most. Especially those with tendency to gain weight easily or those with excessive weight can depend on green tea for increased metabolism, increased fat burning properties and yes added advantage of being low on calories (zero if had without sweetener).

  1. Oral health

Green tea is specific in its action against specific bacteria (Streptococcus) which form part of flora of mouth. These bacteria are majorly to be blamed for tooth decay and gum problems. Regular use of green helps detoxify the oral cavity by killing such bacterial colonies and thus give you healthy teeth and gums.

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  1.  Longevity: Diabetes, cancer and CVD

Avoiding onset of several diseases is attributed to regular usage of green tea. It lowers total cholesterol and LDL values thus benefiting those prone to cardiovascular diseases. It is a drink for healthy heart.

            Possibilities of type 2 diabetes can also be reduced with regular consumption of this beverage. Green Tea works to increase insulin sensitivity of the consumer and also lowers blood sugar levels.

            Lastly, green tea has also been studied to help avoid formation of cancerous cells in the body thus regular users are in lower risk of developing cancerous cells or tumorous cells. The effect has been specifically proved for cancer of breast, colorectal and prostate.

With all the above obviously longevity comes as a gift for those making and effort to include green tea in regular diet.

Many variants and varieties of green tea are available today. Some have chamomile, some have jasmine, some have lavender, ginger, honey, hibiscus, lemon and many more options are there to select from. They come as powder or tea bags or even satchels. All these options are enough to make its use easier for the wide audience this superfood has. All the benefits are attached to regular use and not rare consumption.

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