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There are certain plants and herbs that have one or two nutritional benefits and they are highly valued because of those. But that is nothing in comparison to what the Moringa tree offers – according to ancient Ayurveda, the humble Moringa tree and its leaves have the ability to treat or prevent more than 300 different diseases! In light of that fact, it is no wonder that it is often referred to as the ‘miracle tree’.

Moringa is an extremely fast growing tree that originated in the Indian subcontinent but has spread to far off places including the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and South America. As a result, it was not only valued in Ayurveda, but was also known to the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks due to its myriad medicinal uses. The Leaf Extract of Moringa is one of its most prized parts; here we shall discuss many of its nutritional benefits:-

  1. It helps to fight off cancer

Moringa has been recognized by modern medical research to be an effective food to fight off cancer due to its constituents, which consist of phenolic compounds like kaempferol and quercetin. These compounds are known to be chemoprotective, which means that they are useful in preventing the occurrence of cancer.

Another constituent of Morninga known as niazimicin is also helpful in hampering the growth of tumour cells and also promoting the death of cancerous cells. In fact, Moringa has shown to be effective against a variety of cancers including ovarian cancer and liver cancer.

  1. It contains a host of essential amino acids

Amino acids are organic compounds that are often referred to as the building blocks of the proteins which our body needs to survive. The human body can only manufacture a few amino acids; all the rest need to be consumed from external sources (these are termed as essential amino acids). And Moringa is an exceptional source of amino acids as it contains all 8 essential amino acids. By consuming Moringa, you are therefore helping your body grow, maintain and repair itself in a completely natural way.

  1. It protects the heart

Moringa has been known to be extremely supportive of cardiovascular health, mainly due to its anti-oxidant properties. By neutralizing the harm caused by free radicals on the heart, Moringa can protect the heart from cardiac damage or strokes.

  1. It can help in controlling diabetes

Recent studies have indicated that Moringa can be also be used to assist diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar levels. Not only does Moringa lower blood glucose, it also showed that it can reduce urine sugar and urine proteins in diabetic patients, all of which make it an amazing anti-diabetic food.

  1. It keeps the liver healthy

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the body and Moringa can protect it from a variety of serious problems. Firstly, Moringa can help to counter the harmful side-effects of certain drugs that are used to treat tuberculosis, something that can greatly help improve the recovery process of the patient.

Secondly, Moringa also protects the liver from the harmful effects of radiation due to its rich phytochemical content.

  1. It prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are as yet untreatable and are on the rise. Preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s is therefore extremely important and Moringa can help you do that. One of the causes of Alzheimer’s is monoaminergic deficiencies, something that Moringa can offer valuable protection against.

  1. It eases respiratory disorders

Moringa’s effect on the respiratory tract is nothing short of miraculous; it protects the body from asthma attacks, inflammation of the airways, chest congestion, wheezing, cough and many others. Moreover, it improves the functions of the lungs for better respiration.

The list of health benefits that Moringa provides can go on and on but these major ones highlight the incredible value that lies in this humble tree. It packs so much nutrition and value in something so small, it is almost unbelievable; therefore, you have to try it to believe!

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