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Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is the magical Indian fruit with excellent medical and other health benefits. In fact it has a special place with respect to most Ayurvedic medicines. In ancient India it was believed to be the fruit of the Gods due to its amazing healing powers. It is easily available at any store of local market in India, and is soon become very popular amongst the health conscious lot all over the world.

It has great rejuvenating powers and can protect the human biological system from a common cold to premature aging. It is a natural source of Vitamin C, helps to detoxify the system, it great for the hair and skin and the list carries on. Amla will help to cool the body and clear the body off any unwanted toxins that will create stone, infections or body odor.

 If it is Alma in the organic the benefits remain in the system in double folds. There are a great many recipes that you can cook up with Amla that will help you maintain and keep for body beautiful.  There are many Amla based products available that are equally good. Amla is truly the magic fruit and enriches your body and mind.  Below are the top six reasons as why Amla is great for you.

Why should one have Alma?

  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin C- Amla has about thirty times more Vitamin C in it than orange has. The high levels of vitamin C boost up the energy levels and boost the immunity system. Regular consumption of Amla is sure to cure you off your colds and coughs. Given the current state of the levels of increasing pollution, Amla will definitely help you with your daily morning sniffles. With a bit of Amla every morning be rest assure that your day will be full of energy.
  • Great for the Brain, heart and Lungs- Amla helps in the building and maintain of bodily muscles and tissue, thus Amla helps to nourish the brain, lungs and heart. Amla has properties which will boost the memory capacity and will encourage stimulation of intellect power. Having Amla regularly will help keep the senses alert, it is especially good to maintain that keen eyesight and improve blood circulation and enhance all lung function activities.
  • It is great for the hair and skin- It moisturizes the skin and hair. It has natural anti-aging properties, helping the body retain its natural youthfulness and glow. It has great detoxification properties, which helps to flush out the toxins from the body. There are great many Amla based oils, shampoos and soaps available in the market today.
  • It is great to lose weight- Consuming Amla regularly can help to burn fat and help you keep your figure in shape. It helps to burn rich food and increase metabolism and digestion. It helps balancing the stomach acids that help absorb the food that we consume. If you are a regular consumer of the green juice, make sure you add Ala as part of your magic portion for the day.
  • Good for fertility purposes- Amla nourishes the body tissue and maintains he regularity of the menstruation cycle. The health benefits of Amla help make the uterus strong and health for conception as well as during pregnancy. Given the current infertility issues escalating today, consuming Amla every now and then will definitely help.

Balanced the body Fluids- Alma naturally helps to balance the water levels in the body. It is great for the kidney, not only does it helps to reduce if not stop the formation for kidney stones, but helps prevent any urinary infections, by regularly flushing the toxins from the system. Amla also acts as a natural body coolant. This helps the body temper to be maintained at its required temperature. It helps to prevent body odor and excessive sweating.


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