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Most people today do not have a balanced diet. Even those who do, want to supplement their diet with a dose of good add-ons that help them increase their immunity, stay healthy and overcome a lot of illnesses and physical stressors. Spirulina is one such supplement that is loaded with the goodness of essential nutrients that help the body in a positive way. Though there are a number of contrasting views for and against the use of spirulina, its effect, dosage and use varies from person to person. The points below emphasize on the benefits of spirulina:

Rich in nutrients:Spirulina is form of blue-green algae that is infested with a number of nutrients. Owing to the algae like properties, it is capable of photosynthesis using sunlight. It contains sufficient amounts of B-complex vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, good amounts of protein and minerals such as iron and copper.

Good source of antioxidants:Spirulina is believed to have a great dose of antioxidants due to which a number of ailments like inflammation and oxidative damage can be taken care of. The colour that is imparted by phycocyanin is what contributes to this unique nature and important feature.

It is a superfood: Filled with the goodness of vitamins and minerals, and known for its anti-cancer properties, most of us would love to term it as a supplement or superfood, however the controversy continues. It is especially known for helping in the reduction of cancer causing agents and particularly that of mouth cancer.

Helps to fight allergies: A number of allergies that are caused by environmental factors, pollen grains in the atmosphere etc. result in allergic rhinitis. This is essentially due to the inflammation of the nasal tract. Spirulina prevents inflammation and thus it is effective in curing rhinitis and related allergies.

Lowers cholesterol and sugar levels:Its antioxidant properties help in reducing oxidative degeneration of fat and cholesterol, thereby lowering cholesterol. Ongoing studies and tests done on animals show that spirulina in any form reduces sugar drastically, sometimes even better than the drugs designed for diabetes.

Works as an anti-inflammatory agent:This property goes hand in hand with the anti-inflammatory feature of spirulina, which reduces oxidative degeneration, thereby resulting in anti-inflammation. It soothes inflamed tracts and is thereby used in a number of inflammation-related disorders.

Provides an energy pump:Known to increase muscle endurance and overall stamina, spirulina is supposed to have a holistic content to providing a great dose of energy boost by pumping up energy levels.

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