Conscious Foods Sesame Seeds Combo (Pack of 2)

  • They help in regulating proper blood flow.
  • The mineral content present in them is good for skin.
  • Copper in it provides relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Zinc in this seeds is good for bone health.

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Conscious Foods Sesame Seeds Combo (Pack of 2)


Conscious Foods Sesame Seeds Combo (Pack of 2) is packed with several nutrients and this makes it the finest source for effortlessly assailable phosphorous, calcium, iron and zinc. In addition to these significant nutrients, sesame seeds comprise of sesamin and sesamolin which is known for lowering the cholesterol levels considerably, avert high blood pressure and is a great protector of the liver. If taken regularly it can be very beneficial for your health. It is best if used before nine months of packaging. You can purchase it online through joybynature, if you want a quality product.


Sesame seeds


  • Conscious Foods Sesame Seeds Combo (set Of 2)has large number of benefits and helps in anti-aging process
  • It is very beneficial for a healthy heart and proves to be a great protection against cancer
  • Black sesame is beneficial for bones and allows maintaining a healthy skin and aids in lactation

How To Use

Use Conscious Food Organic White Sesame Seeds as a seasoning or ingredient in soups, salads, sweets, stews, curries and bread.

About Brand

Conscious Foods, set up in 1990, is India’s pioneering company in natural and organic food. Conscious Foods online products ensures that natural food products reaches the customer following stringent quality certification, guidelines and standards. Recognized by ECOCERT all fair trade and Good Agricultural Practices are followed. The company is all about establishing highest environmental safety and applying traditional farming techniques to ensure pure produce while keeping in mind food safety adherence towards organic food products in India. The company is focused to maintain traditional farming techniques while roping in small organic farms and communities to ensure pure food quality.

Joyfully Free of

Synthetic Chemical Inputs (e.g. Fertilizer, Pesticides, AntiBiotics, Food Additives, etc), Genetically Modified Organisms, Irradiation, and the Use of Sewage Sludge

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