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No one can question the popularity of hot cup of tea or coffee to make your mornings energetic. Bed tea is more of a ritual followed in every household especially in India. Great news for bed tea lovers! Your morning cuppa is full of benefits for you. It’s your choice to make it better or worse!  While in West, chocolate drinks and coffee are preferred over tea but gradually tea is brewing in these regions as well. More and more people are getting to like tea not only for its flavour and variety, but for its benefits and pros over other more caffeinated beverages. Tea lovers, love it for the instant boost of energy it gives them and other bow to its variety and flavour fullness.

Its loved everywhere!

Hot ginger tea with fried snacks, toasts and parathas is a favourite meal in almost all regions of India. Talk of its varieties and there are endless from Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, regular Masala Chai, Oo Long Tea, White Tea, Black Tea and the list goes one. The above list is extensive because of huge number of possible changes which you can do to your cup to make it likable for you. It’s just not the variety of tea or place where it is grown or tea plant type but also the manner it can be prepared in. Green tea is a total different concept because it is a mix of different herbs and thus not considered tea but come under category of herbal tea. In the following post we will be concentrating on making our tea lovers get an insight into their morning cuppa.

Indulging in the flavours of your hot beverage is something much liked by many. Too much of anything can be bad and this is true for tea as well. Yes! we are discussing benefits of tea (white, black and long) but we cannot ignore the importance of ‘limited consumption for reaping best benefits’.

Some tips to make best out the best!

  • Two to 3 cups of tea a day can keep cardiovascular diseases at bay and trust the researchers this is a good amount to keep your mind active and body energetic all through the day.
  • Too much tea and tea on empty stomach both have been related to acidity and stomach ulcers. So, be good to yourself and add some healthy bites as biscuits, soaked, almonds or roasted snacks by side of your bed tea.
  • Some people like the instant boost black tea offers to your brain functions. It is true to some extent but again too much consumption is best avoided. Staying on tea for late work hours is for sure something to be avoided!
  • Tea parties, is a trend borrowed from England and for sure a nice way to pep up your evening. ‘Chat and chai’ is a fun combination and a must try with friends and family. Flavour your cup as per choice. Herbal tea infusions are also readily available if you are thinking of experimenting with flavours.
  • A hot cup at night should be avoided because caffeine content of your favourite beverage can hinder with your night’s sleep. So, if needed sip on Black tea or green tea instead. It works to help digestion and can be useful after heavy dinner treats.

  • Adding ingredients like fennel, carom seeds, salt, lemon Grass ginger or black pepper can be helpful in curing common ailments like diarrhoea, flatulence, sore throat, cough, headache respectively. Rely on your grandma’s tricks and secret tea ingredient to brew most benefitting cup for yourself. Actually some kitchen ingredients work best when brewed in hot water for some time and adding them to tea gives nice kick to the regular cup and makes your medicine tasty!

Above are some references to some things we commonly know and follow in our houses but don’t give much consideration too. With this blog our intention is to make you give more thought and appreciation to your cup of tea and alongside keep in mind basic things where you can go wrong with this cup.

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