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Almost all of us have grown with the granny advices of how good nuts are for our nutrition and growth, isn’t it? Almonds (Badam), soaked overnight or otherwise, are considered excellent memory boosters and vitamin providers since ages now!

Did you know that these nutty delights belong to the family of cherries and plums and come loaded with unmatched health benefits, many of which we have do not even know about despite having consumed Almonds since ling?!!

These softly aromatic nuts, that are a native of USA, are available round the year and can be consumed in almost all seasons. In fact, these offer a healthy and tasty snacks option – just a handful of Almonds daily is all it takes to set on to the path of a healthy and nutrient filled lifestyle.

These naturally occurring centers of health are today readily available as packaged almonds -both the ordinary and organic varieties. Organic almonds are unprocessed and hence not subjected to any nutrient robbing chemicals and are strongly recommended for an unadulterated nutty experience!

Try a daily intake of organic Almonds for some of these proven health benefits:

  1. Heart Care- The Nutty Way!

Research shows that those who consume Almonds (at least 1.5 oz. of Almonds each day, 5 times per week) reduce the risk of suffering from heart-related ailments like heart attacks by almost 50%. Almonds are considered one of the richest sources of essential minerals like magnesium, which are considered of utmost importance in maintaining good heart health and preventing problems that like hypertension that may lead to heart ailments.

In addition, Almonds have a good constitution of monounsaturated fats that have cholesterol-lowering effect on the body. Lowered levels of bad LDL cholesterol in itself lower the risks of heart problems to a great extent.


  1. Nutty Protection Against Diabetes

Almonds are said to lower the increase of sugar levels and insulin the bloodstream after meals when made a part of a diabetic’s daily diet by reducing the glycemic index of the food. Lowering the after-meal sudden increase in blood sugar helps prevent diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Further, Almonds also release antioxidants into the blood stream that clean up the good cholesterol damaging free radicals from the bloodstream.


  1. Almonds for Weight Loss

Although rich in fats, Almonds are very good snacking option for people looking to reduce weight. The high fiber and protein content makes you feel full and you tend not to overeat. These nuts are considered good at reducing food cravings by regulating the blood sugar levels. In fact, they block fat absorption in the body, making an excellent weight-loss assisting snacks. Introduce Almonds to your diet today if you are looking at fighting obesity in a healthy and natural way!

  1. Almonds Intake Gives A Balanced Nutrition

Almonds provide a unique concoction of health-enhancing monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential vegetable proteins, fiber, and a rich source of essential body minerals like copper and magnesium. In fact, it is one of the richest sources of Vitamins (both Vit. E and B2) and potent anti-oxidant flavonoids.

 While Riboflavin (Vit. B2) plays an important role in energy production for the body, Vit. E combines with flavonoids to give you a glowing healthy skin. The phosphorus content in Almond is very good for bones and teeth as well. On the whole, organic Almonds give you a balanced nutritional diet.

  1. Prevent Gallstones With Almonds

Did you know, Almonds can prevent the occurrence of gallstones that could lead to very painful conditions and ultimately surgery for removal!


  1. Great Memory Boosters

Almonds, due to their riboflavin content in combination with L-carnitine, are said to boost brain activity, reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s. Ayurveda believes Almonds to have high potency in increasing intellect and in general longevity, too.

For all these benefits and more, almonds find place in the diet of people across the world. Almond oil for food preparation or as a massage oil, Almonds as a popular ingredient in lotions and other skin products and consumption of almond nuts – both raw and roasted Almonds; the uses may vary but its benefits are constant!

Add Organic Almonds today to give yourself a healthy diet. Get to know more about the benefits of Almonds here.


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