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Despite making some amazing friends and having some interesting adventures, I began to feel like I’m going through a weird time in my first year of college. I had no idea of what was wrong with me until the blood tests revealed that anaemia caused by iron deficiency. I was a vegetarian since I was 8 years old, but it changed during my first year at college. The result was a disturbance in the balance that paved the way for anaemia due to inadequate iron in my diet.

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As soon as my semester was over, I tried looking for online help groups to learn something about overcoming anaemia. I wanted some quick-fix solutions that would make me stronger and active and that were when I came across the power of Muesli in increasing the iron content in blood. Muesli is a super cereal enriched with the goodness of nuts, oats, toasted wheat flakes and fruits. It is a low sugar, low calorie cereal that is high in iron, potassium, zinc, selenium, vitamin E and Folate. Muesli comes as a great choice for people suffering from anaemia as it is rich in iron. Each 45gm of Muesli meets 8-12% of the daily requirement of iron.

Starting my day with Muesli came in as a great way to top up on my iron content in the body, before a busy in the college. One serving of Organic Multigrain Muesli with milk for breakfast every day was all that I needed to find visible changes in less than a month. My energy levels were boosted and I was able to concentrate more in class and finally was more than happy to see myself restored back to the healthy version of me. A quicker recovery from anaemia was my reward, after including Muesli for breakfast.

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Health benefits packed in Muesli:

  • Have a bowl of Muesli every morning with milk and organic honey to get a good dose of iron.
  • If you are on weight loss, this will particularly help you in maintaining your energy levels.
  • Have at least once a day to beat fatigue & tiredness
  • Eating organic Muesli keeps your heart strong and your blood pressure under control.

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About the author:

Isha Sinha is a student of a reputed college in Pune. She loves shopping for her supplies at Joy By Nature. In the above article, she talks about how she rescued herself from severe anaemia by following a simple remedy that improved her iron levels drastically.


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