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Eyes are considered be quite essential, when it comes to looking glamorous. However, when we talk of Smokey eye makeup, organic Kajals are the best product. Sultry and smoky eyes would just look fabulous this New Year. However, are you applying this Kajal on the waterline? There are several ways you can use Organic kajal for beautifying the eyes and 1 such way is creating smokey eyes. Smokey eyes look very stunning and attractive, especially if it is a new year night party. You can even wear it for a date or dress up perfectly for an evening party. But do you know how smokey eyes can be created with organic Kajal?



Given below are the ways. First of all, pick up the  things that are needed. Don’t worry, just 3 things would be required for the same:

You would need:

  • A smudge proof organic Kajal
  • A Q tip or a smudger brush
  • Mascara

Getting smokey eyes with organic Kajal

  1. Concealer

First of all, some concealer must be applied if there is darkness under the eyes or if one is having dark circles. The entire look can be ruined if one is having dark circles. For applying the concealer, it must be applied under the eyes and then, the ring finger must be used for gently patting as well as blending the concealer. With this step, the dark area under the eye would be brightened.

  1. Kajal application

The organic kajal should be perfectly applied on the waterline. A finger can be put under the eyes and the waterline would be pulled a bit down so that the organic kajal can be applied. You can apply it from the outer corner to inner corner. 1 more application can be put if needed.


  1. Smudging

After application, it is time to smudge  the smokey eye makeup. The tip of the brush must be rubbed gently over the Kajal. This brush should be swiped close to the waterline below it. A soft smokey look would be created with it. It shouldn’t be kept very low and must be kept near lower lash line. Swipe It and stop, when the outer corner is reached.

  1. Finishing

For completing the look, the same brush can be swiped over the upper lash line so that the eyes get extra attractiveness and smokiness. This must be repeated to the other eye as well. 2-3 coats of mascara must be applied to longer and thicker lashes. Even if a thick eyeliner is used, a thin line can be made if one wishes too. An eyeshadow can also be used. But this depends on the liking of a person.


How can makeup be done with soft smokey eyes?

Now that smokey and sultry eyes are created with the kajal, it is time for  completing the entire makeup. With smokey eyes, a neutral lip color can be used like the ones that match the lips’ natural color. A lip gloss or a balm can also be applied.

For the evening time, you can try a bold lip color like orange, red, hot pink, coral etc. Keep the blush very soft too much blush will ruin the entire makeup look. If you want to know about Inexpensive makeup products in India then read here Affordable makeup products in India



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