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Every day, dust, grime, pollution etc.  gets attached to the skin’s surface. However, make sure that this Christmas doesn’t cover up your skin and gets a chance for breathing.

Owing to dry heat in cars, offices and houses, dehydration of skin is seen and we left looking sluggish instead of shining and bright. So, this winter, let us think healthy. Our skin would be healthy only after we take care of the body and mind.

These days, organic skin care products have gained a lot of popularity owing to the purity of ingredients. Since last few years now, a great increase has been seen in the sales of these products. Unfortunately, there are several products that are made up of harmful chemicals and cause damage to the skin. You mustn’t waste your hard-earned money on these products and instead, organic skin care products should be chosen.


When you try to recapture the appearance of youth, one strives to be healthy. However, this is only possible if the right kind of products are chosen. Understanding several ingredients is the product is very essential for knowing whether the product is organic and natural or not. For helping you, we have 7 tips for healthy skin this winter.


  • For determining if the product is really organic or not, check if you can eat the product. Anything that is safe to be eaten is definitely safe for the skin.
  • Products that claim to be organic ones must be backed by the seal Compact for Safe Cosmetics. The companies strive hard for ensuring that every ingredient that is used is guaranteed, effective and safe and that it doesn’t cause any issues.
  • Creams that have a tag of being organic must have active ingredients included in it that help in fighting the signs of ageing. For instance, if a product contains Coenzyme Q10 in nano-emulsion form, Phytessence Wakame or Functional Keratin, they are thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to fight various aging signs and help in decreasing, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Thus, no damage owing to free radicals is also less
  • Look for a product that is having active and good ingredients. It should minimum have 50 percent of good ingredients. Any product which is less effective shouldn’t be purchased as it is a waste of money and time.
  • You would need a product that works well with every type of skin. Typically, with organic skin care products, you would be ensured that there are no harmful chemicals. This means that the balance of the skin’s sebum is just perfect and would even benefit people having sensitive skin.
  • Avoid all kinds of skin care products that are having synthetic chemicals. For example, with mineral oil, pores would be clogged and this leads to irritation, redness and breakouts. Products containing parabens would cause cancer and these must be avoided after being identified.
  • Finally, opt for an organic skin care product that is having SPF and built in sunscreen factor. Apart from moisturizing the skin, protection is provided by these products against harmful rays of the sun and hence, the skin cancer is reduced.
  • If you have eagerness in achieving youthful and healthy skin, you can find quality organic skin care.

With information that is provided in this article, there is definitely some great option in providing guidance to products that would assist in achieving the goal. However, these products are very safe and affordable.

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