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Keeping the Nails Beautiful with Organic Products

Keep them Shiny

Shiny nails are always attractive. Massage your nails with natural products like olive oil, petroleum jelly, butter, baby oil, cucumber, avocado and rose water to give them that luster which is so required for beautiful nails.

Fish oil is a wonderful alternative to treating your nails especially during winter. Apply cuticle oil on your nails to make them gleam. Lemon juice can clean your nails and whiten them. Soak your hands in warm water and see what wonders it can do for your nails. Scrub your nails once a week and drink a lot of water to make your nails shine.

  1. Treat your Brittle Nails Naturally

A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can be effectively used to treat brittle nails. Olive oil penetrates the cuticles and repairs the nails while lemon juice has the power to remove yellowish stains from the nails and keep them shining. Lemon juice also fortifies damaged nails.

Beer not only is a favorite drink of many, but beer mixed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil can be used to treat brittle nails. Make a relaxing solution of sea salt and warm water and soak your nails in it to strengthen your brittle toe and finger nails. Massage your brittle nails with coconut oil or Vitamin E oil. Other alternate remedies include petroleum jelly, horsetail, egg yolk and milk soak and tea tree oil drops to keep the nails beautiful with organic products.

  1. Diet for Nail Strengthening

Diet is one essential factor which contributes to healthy nails. Vitamin B-rich food reduces brittleness of the nails, iron prevents ridge formation, calcium gives them strength, protein is vital, get rid of the white spots with zinc and take Vitamin A and C to prevent the nails from looking dull.

So, include protein-rich food such as eggs, lean meats, nuts, fish, seeds, leafy green vegetables and dairy products. Tomatoes, blackstrap molasses, nettle tea and horsetail are other important food that plays an important role in the strengthening of the nails and keeping the nails beautiful with natural products.

  1. Regular Nail Care
  • Keep your nails clean. Take a toothbrush, wet it, dip it into baking soda mixed with lemon juice and scrub each nail.
  • Moisturize your hands and nails every time you wash your hands as the hand sanitizers may dry the skin and the nail bed. Even if your fingernails don’t need moisturizing, the fingertips and the cuticles have to be taken care of. Coconut oil and olive oil are good moisturizers which can keep your nails moisturized.

  • Moisten your cuticles and push them back instead of trimming them during a manicure.
  • Avoid using nail polish which contains chemicals such as camphor and formaldehyde among others. Use organic and water-based nail polishes instead though they don’t last long but are at least safe.
  • As for removers, acetones dry the skin, nails and the cuticles. So, opt for acetone-free removers which are readily available almost anywhere.
  • Avoid artificial nails if you want to avoid nail fungus.
  • Give time to your nails; trim them, file them but don’t file the nails back and forth which weaken them; file from the outside edges towards the center. And buff them, which means polishing your nails till they shine.

Your hands and nails can create major impressions on others. But taking care of the nails is not only about impressing others; good nails are a sign of good health too. They can also make you look better and feel better about yourself.

There are many ways other than using chemical-based products to keep your nails pretty. Use natural strengthening treatments for your nails. Take advantage of all the natural products gifted by Mother Nature, pamper your nails and see them shine like never before.


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