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The forgotten love.Hair don’t go!

Yes, it is sad. Every day you almost lose 70 to 100 hairs minimum due to physical stress mainly. But conditions can be severe if there is a particular hair fall problem. These are the demons which pluck your hair. Beware!

  1. Gift of the family: Heredity is one of the most common reasons. This factor is a slow and steady kill and it’s quite easy to predict the, direction your hair scales will take. In boys, it begins with hair fall causing receding hairline while for girls it starts with thinning of air. This usually occurs during the teenage years.
  1. Power of chemicals: Hormones can make or break things. Any imbalance or chemical problems during pregnancy, childbirth can lead to hair loss. But stay tight! It is temporary.
  1. Cheated by oneself: Even your immune system can’t be trusted sometimes! They can even attack your hair scalp and follicles causing them to fall resulting in patches of baldness. But they can be treated.
  1. I said don’t pull your hair! You Trichotillomania brat! But poor you, people suffering from this disease have to; have to pull their hair no matter what.
  1. The killer shock wave: Physical and Emotional strain can also wipe off hair. So please do meditation!


The God of hairs! Please have your mercy on me!

If he seriously does, he can have mercy in many ways.

  • Do you relish a massage? Massaging is always the basic step in the right direction. It makes you feel good and increase blood flow to the follicles and roots.
  • Brahmi roots open up the pores and soothe it from the inside. It’s a must for dandruff and baldness.
  • Aloe Vera is itself fuelled to promote hair growth. It works by bringing down the ph. Use Aloe vera, no longer the itching, not a hint of the redness.
  • Indian gooseberry or most commonly called amla is antibacterial, antioxidant which supports hair growth vigorously.
  • Its how time! Bath your hair! Never go with the decorative covers and promises on the cover. Be a scientist! But remember there is no all solving shampoo available as yet.

Here is a recipe! Keep this only with you and your hair!

  1. For the ingredients, it’s not crazy but get a baby shampoo from a store nearby. They are most free of chemicals.
  1. Essential rosemary oil causes increased blood flow and serves as an antioxidant.
  1. Gather vitamin E capsules which are available in all medical related stores. Quantity: 2
  1. For the method, add some ten drops of the essential oil with equal amount of lime into the baby shampoo. Also put in the capsules. Your shampoo is ready! Prefer to use it alternate days. Enjoy the glory of nature. You feel like a wizard right now isn't?


Thank me for this! Even after shampooing the battle is on. Nettle leaves are your weapon now. Just grab some 5 or 6 of them, put them in hot boiling water and cool it. Add this over your bubbling hair and do a small massage. Results then will be glowing.

  1. Eating also matters! Always have balanced diet rich in all vitamins and proteins. Iron and vitamin deficiency especially can lead to hair fall. Eggs too are recommended. Use a mask made of egg, lavender oil and grape seed oil on your hair before shampooing. Do this at least twice a week.
  1. The heroes! Vitamin B9 and B7, Biotin and Folic acid save the millions of hairs from death every day. Use them as supplements.

Hair styling has become a norm nowadays. Don’t fret if you have got a hair fall Learn to have your own style and grandeur. Work towards solutions and keep up with the world. Be natural and don’t prefer wigs and hair growth treatments. They are expensive and can have reverse effects. So rush up your kingly throne and rule!


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