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Makeup, something we think that makes us beautiful. Let’s take a fact that makeup is just a mask turned ritual, a fact that most of us know yet fail to accept. The rest of us very well understand that looking fab without makeup is real. Media definitely plays a major role in making a woman believe that she’s less beautiful without makeup. There may be times when you do not feel like using a thick mask on your face or you find that applying cosmetics is time-consuming. Nonetheless, you probably want to look your best. Here are points, a few, to help make you remind and feel naturally beautiful.

  • Healthy intake: Good food is essential not only for the excellence of our skin but also for the overall health of our body. We are whatever we eat; therefore, a healthy and balanced diet should top our list every day. Let us be frank. Your rotten pizza and the content-less burger are never going to help you to regain vitamins and proteins, which are real important to give that glow to your face. Fresh fruits and vegetables and of course, water are our forever love. Drinking about 8 glasses of water a day and nourishing yourself with green tea from time to time will help you with a cost-free makeup kind of look, without makeup.

  • Wash your face every day and forget your pimples: Look at that busy woman, working hard in a place filled with pollution and dust. If you have avoided makeup, you will have to make sure that you wash your face once in the morning, once at night time also. Wash your face preferably two times but not more than that as it will produce irritability in your skin. Pimples don’t decide how your heart operates so forget it!

  • Feel Beautiful: Change your mindset. Your first step to natural beauty is your perception about yourself. It all depends on you. Learn that you are pretty. What you feel about yourself is exactly how the world looks at you. Give a vacation to your face and stay cool and confident. Also, know that more makeup is damaging your skin every day.
  • Take good care of your hair and skin: There are certain necessary ingredients to make you look stunning. Many skin problems are actually related to the excessive use of makeup. You will notice that your non-makeup face is improving your skin tone. Also, organic facial wash from time to time will add a glow to your already attractive skin. And your lips, keep it clean.

  • Your body is directly connected to your beauty: Very direct. Exercise, not because you will get a slim body, only because your skin will look healthy. You must learn that, for a healthy skin and glowing face, a healthy and nutritious diet is important. Ensure that you do not eat foods that are living in oil always. Make your blood pumping in the morning with a slight jog, workout or yoga and this doesn’t mean you should do it for three days or so and let it go. Make it regular girls, regular.

We are talking about beauty without makeup, it doesn’t mean that we should totally neglect all the beauty products. Try nourishing your skin with organic products from time to time. A smile will instantly help you to feel and look pretty, even if you don’t have any makeup on! By tackling various problems that people often try to conceal with makeup, you will gradually notice that your face radiates beauty naturally. Face yoga will aid tightening your skin, reduce wrinkles, and increase blood flow while bio-oil will reduce pimple scars and make your skin smooth. Real soon, you will know the worth of a smile more than your makeup and wonder why people bother about makeup so much.


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