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Maintaining beautiful hair is not an easy task. Hair gets exposed to several harmful substances and also gets damaged by harmful rays of the sun as well as the various pollutants. This causes the hair to lose its shine and health. Over time, the hair starts getting dull and lifeless. It is essential to take care of the hair using several hair care products. There are several hair care products which are available but most of these are loaded with chemicals and may further damage the hair. Instead it is better to use several natural products that are devoid of chemicals for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

Hair conditioner is one such hair care product which is considered essential to maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Hair conditioners basically condition the hair. These deep condition the hair keeping it healthy and strong from within. The use of hair conditioners makes the hair soft and shiny. When shampoo is used on the hair, it strips away the natural oils of the hair. Using a conditioner after shampooing the hair replaces or replenishes those oils and gives the hair its lustre back. Conditioners basically contain oils or fats or synthetic compounds that leave a smooth coating on the hair making the hair look shining and healthy.

The hair conditioners make the hair softer and prevent hair from tangling. When hair is conditioned, it can be combed smoothly and easily and therefore it prevents the hair from getting brittle. The use of hair conditioners makes the hair strong from the roots and thus prevents the hair from falling. The use of hair conditioners results in stronger and thicker hair. Hair conditioners also keep the hair and the scalp clean and prevent several infections of the scalp. The use of hair conditioners can effectively help to reduce dandruff in the scalp and give healthier hair.


Hair conditioners can treat damaged hair and even prevent hair from getting damaged. There are several types of conditioners that can be used for this purpose:

  • Pre-shampoo conditioners: The pre-shampoo conditioners may be oil based products or creams that can be applied on the hair to coat the hair and prevent it from getting damaged. These conditioners are best suitable for extremely damaged hair or hair that tangles easily.
  • Rinse out or instant conditioners: The rinse out or instant conditioners are the ones that are applied on the hair after shampoo and rinsed out to give softer and smoother hair. These types of conditioners prevent the hair from getting damaged and also prevent hair fall. The instant conditioners provide a shine to the hair to make the hair look healthier.
  • Deep conditioners: Deep conditioners are the ones that are used on hair that has been damaged chemically. These conditioners repair the damaged hair and give the hair back its shine and lustre. These conditioners deep condition the hair and make it softer and smoother.

  • Leave in conditioners: Leave in conditioners are applied and left in the hair after the hair has been washed and towel dried. These conditioners remove the tangles from the hair making the hair softer and smoother. These conditioners also keep the hair moisturised and prevent the hair from damage from environmental pollutants as well as hair styling tools.

Hair conditioners come in a variety of forms ranging from solid bars, creams, gels, sprays to creams. When using hair conditioners for the hair, it is essential to ensure that the right type of conditioner is chosen for the hair. The type of hair conditioner chosen for the hair depends upon the texture of the hair, the length of the hair, the thickness of the hair and also on the chemical condition of the hair. Organic hair conditioners are also fast gaining popularity since these do not contain any chemicals and can suit any hair type. Organic hair conditioners are made from natural products and can work wonders on the hair.

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