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The only other things I use are essential oils - there’s oil that I use called emu oil. In indigenous Australian culture, that’s the first oil they put on a baby because it’s so hydrating. If you’ve got sunburn or you’ve had a scar, or anything - it’s incredible. I’ll use that for the kids, and on the elbows.” -Cate Blanchett

Essential oils have been used for many years for medicinal and health purpose. Organic products and essential oil are very good and useful in our daily life. Mainly it is beneficial for aromatherapy, personal beauty care and of natural medicine. A little amount of Essential oils  can create very strong and significant changes in our body and overall environment as well. They must be used with caution, especially during pregnancy.  They help in relaxation, pain relief and scars too. It is very good and useful for all age groups. There are more than 80 essential oils; each has its own benefits. Some of them are as followed;

Tea Tree oil: Tea tree oil extract from leaves of tea tree. The tea-tree was named by 18th cent. sailors, who made tea that smell like nutmeg from the leaves of the tree growing on the southeast Australian coast. Tea tree is used for skin treatments and Helps to prevent lice organically by adding just a few drops to your shampoo. There are many traditional uses for tea tree, e.g. healing, acne, and bacterial fungus of the nails. Tea tree oil can reduce skin allergies by directly applying it on skin. It is also used as antiseptic for cuts and abrasions. They are toxic, so don’t take it in your mouth.

Lavender oil: Lavender oil most commonly used by people, which is very good for health, it can be used for skin irritation and is very beneficial to reduce the stress hormones in the blood. Take one or two drops in bath tub during bath at night to feel relaxed. The fragrance of this oil is so calming and relaxes you physically and emotionally as well. Put a few drops of lavender oil on a cut to stop bleeding, clean wound, and kill bacteria very gently.

Chamomile oil: Chamomile used as tea and chamomile essential oil has those similar properties; it is mainly known for its relaxing effects on body that’s why chamomile tea is popular beverage. It helps to treat acne and eczema disease, the redness and inflammation on the skin. It makes skin young, moisturized, blemish free and make it appear more glowing.

Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil is extracted from the tip of the flower. It is used in aromatherapy as it has great power to stimulate brain and improve mental activity. It is also useful for hair and skin care  that’s why it is widely being used as an active ingredient in several skin & hair care products.

          Essential oil treats a variety of diseases, including cancer, HIV, asthma, heart strokes, and many more.


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