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After winter, it is time to get out with friends and family for outing or picnic in the sun, when packing is for outing is don’t not forget to take the most important item: Sunscreen. There are many Organics Product to prevent tan, which is having no side effect. Researchers have found that skin cancer due to the nowadays increased by exposure of sun which is harmful to everyone. The most harmful effect of exposure to sun is skin cancer, which people are facing now a days. Overexposure to the sun causes sunburn, premature ageing of the skin, wrinkling, damaging of the skin and skin cancer, including melanoma. There are instructions to help you enjoy the outdoors without having tanning and sunburn.

"Always wear sunscreen, no matter how dark your skin is and how well it takes the sun," reminds Judy Reyes, who played Nurse Carla on the television show Scrubs. Another piece of advice: "Use a moisturizer with sun protection in it, the highest you can find."

Reason for applying sunscreen:

  • Using Organic Sunscreen daily, or in cloudy or raining season also decrease the risk of skin cancer, melanoma, which is responsible for 75% of all the skin type of cancer death.
  • The one root of premature of ageing of face skin, just because of exposure to UV rays, by this you will look young and good.
  • Sunscreen lotion is very suitable for all skin types. You can apply to, just be sure to re-apply after every two hours after swimming or even using the water resistant kind.

  • Organic Sunscreen works like skin toner even, which is good for skin, it prevents slowing in ageing of skin , facial brown spot or wrinkles, to look young and beautiful.

When to apply sunscreen

  1. First wash with the face wash. Apply Ayurvedic Sunscreen Lotion around 30 minutes before being in the sun that it can be absorbed by the skin and can easily be washed.
  2. Be sure Reapply sunscreen after swimming.
  3. Apply sunscreen often during the day if you work outdoors, and wear hats and protective clothing, to prevent it from Anti Tanning on the skin.

How to apply sunscreen

  • Shake well before using the mixed particles that might have clumped together. 
  • Apply enough sunscreen; use a bit (a handful) to cover your entire body.
  • apply it on your skin parts that are exposed to the sun, including the ears, back, shoulders.
  • Apply thickly and carefully.
  • Be alert when applying sunscreen around the eyes.

What to look for when you buy sunscreen

  • opt for a sunscreen that ward you off against UV rays and has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, and will suitable for skin.
  • Read product labels properly. Take water-resistant brand if you will be sweating or swimming.
  • Go for a brand that does not have para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) if you have got sensitive skin.
  • Seek a sunscreen with different chemicals if your skin back fires badly to the one that you have already been using. Not all sunscreens have the same ingredients.
  • Use a water-based sunscreen if you have oily skin or are prone to acne.
  • Check the expiration date because some sunscreen constituents might degrade over time.
When packing for an outing is don’t not forget to take the most important item: Sunscreen. Sunscreen plays major role in beauty cosmetics.


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