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Chemical laden conventional products are bound to further aggravate the condition. So try these organic methods to retain your beauty. They are cheap, inexpensive, readily available and above all contain no chemical agents with side effects.

The skin, which happens to be the largest organ in your body, also defines your beauty. Ensure that you take care of your skin, as a dehydrated and dull skin will make you look unattractive.

Use either walnut or apricot scrub to scrub your skin. This will help to remove the dead skin and maintain a healthy skin.

  • Remember to cleanse your face in the morning and also before going to bed. Keep a ready stock of herbal powders like neem, sandalwood, tulsi, multani mitti or turmeric. Mix any of these with rosewater and use it regularly in your hostel.

  • Remember to moisturize your skin after every wash. This will help your skin glow and look healthy.
  • You can also massage your skin with milk and saffron. This is a natural moisturizer which will keep your skin smooth.

  • Your diet also has an important role to play in managing your skin. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C for your skin. Make raw vegetables and fruits an integral part of your diet as they contain fluorine, which prevents scaly skin. Cucumbers are another important food for your skin and prevents wrinkles. It also keeps your body cool.
  • Mix honey in a glass of water and drink it so that your skin shines and remains smooth.
  • Avoid going out in the direct sun which will cause wrinkles on your skin. Always protect your face with a sunscreen lotion.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized and to flush out the toxins from your body.
  • Wash away makeup from your face properly before you go to bed. Throw out the makeup wipes which only cause irritation to your sensitive skin with their chemicals and artificial scents. Instead rub coconut oil, which has antibacterial properties, over your face and then wipe it all off with a warm washcloth.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Your hair needs to be given extra care because it not only protects your head from heat loss but also makes you look beautiful.

  • Ensure that you treat your hair with care whenever it is wet and choose a mild shampoo. Those with oily hair should use conditioners designed for their hair type only. For those with dry hair, it might be a good idea to wash your hair less frequently.
  • Use conditioners or shampoos designed for dry hair if you are exposed to wind, sun or other environmental elements.

  • Mayonnaise makes a good conditioner, especially for dull and lifeless hair. Apply it on your hair, keep it for a few minutes and then rinse off.
  • Stay away from oily foods, cigarettes and alcohol if you want beautiful hair.
  • Treat the dandruff in your hair with vinegar. Rub your scalp with a solution of six teaspoons water and two teaspoons vinegar and keep it overnight. Apply once again in the morning and then rinse off.

  • Be careful with heat styling products, like curling or straightening irons or chemical treatments, like perms, colors or relaxers for your hair.
  • Over and above, eat a hair healthy diet, sleep well and exercise regularly if you want your hair to shine.

Maintaining your skin, hair and your overall look in a hostel can be tough. But a healthy lifestyle along with natural products on your skin and hair will help you to remain young and youthful for a long time. Click here to learn more about how to retain your beauty even in the hostel.


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