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It is the right of every woman to look beautiful. There are numerous ways which they embrace to look glamorous. There is an endless pool of ways in which the woman can take a dip and emerge out in a gorgeous look. I won’t be wrong in saying that anything that helps in changing the appearance of any woman even slightly is adopted. Slowly & steadily that appearance or look soon becomes fashion. Sometimes in this surge of looking good, some ladies do commit minor mistakes. Like for eg:- coloring hairs. But don’t worry as I will guide you to color the hairs in home naturally without spending large amount of money in parlor.

Important things to consider:

  • Shampoo your hair: This is the basic step before the process of coloring your hair starts. As the motive is to color your hair, not the dirt on the hair. Through this washing of hairs all the excess oil & dirt gets washed away easily. In order to get the best desired result, one should always go for Organic Care Shampoo. It can solve your itchy & flaky scalp issues, without spoiling your hair.



  • Preparation of good organic color is very important, as many times the measurement is the area where most of the women make mistakes. So always ensure to have a little larger part of color available with you.
  • Combing your hair before applying any Organic Hair Care Product. It will ensure that the color is easily spread on all of the hair strands. Thus giving a better result after the coloring is done.
  • One should also not forget to wear a pair of gloves. This will protect your hands from getting messy. Plus also ensure to be alert that the color does not fall on your skin.

Process of Coloring:

  • The most essential thing to ensure that all the hair get colored hair evenly, one must start from the hairline because it would be easier for you to cover even the most intricate hair as well.
  • Most women don’t part their hairs in small sections. This way it does not become a cumbersome work for you to finish coloring the whole length of your hair. By this you would know exactly which strand of hair needs the correct amount of coloring.



Washing the Hair

This is the last stage but very essential.  Good rinsing of hair with Organic Shampoo will make your hair silkier. These shampoos contain a good amount of Aloe Vera, Honey, and Sandalwood, which is like oxygen for your hair.

Dry your Hair

This is the final step in the coloring process, so if you want to really have good result of the coloring on your hair, ensure it is dried up naturally. Many women just jump to pick up blower to dry it quickly. Then they also escalate the mistake by indulging in the styling process. Stay away from such bad habits, as the whole effect of using good natural colors just diminishes.

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