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Conditioning hair is an integral part of the whole process of shampooing your hair. Shampoo only cleanses hair, while a conditioner provides compounds, which protect and beautify hair. It nourishes the hair with that extra layer of nutrients which shampoo does not provide. Skipping the process of conditioning is like cause harm to your hair because let us agree, your hair needs food too!

Answer honestly if you’ve hated your hair to an extent of deciding to get bald. Well, it’s not just you but every living girl on this planet who has not had the experience of good hair. Now good hair isn’t a myth but a difficult thing to achieve. Not everyone can afford a stylist like Beyonce does and we need to take care of our hair all by ourselves. And the first step to take care of your hair is choosing the best hair products.


Hair products play a very important role these days and just shampooing your hair will make your hair rough, dry, frizzy and damaged. The best way to cure your hair is by conditioning them right after shampooing. Conditioner makes your hair, soft, shiny and easy to manage.


Types of Conditioners

  1. Deep Conditioners – These hair products work at a deeper level for your hair. They are usually meant for dry and damaged hair type. They are usually applied and left in your hair for about 30 minutes or so ,which when rinsed out leave amazing results.


  1. Leave in Conditioners - Leave in conditioners act as moisturizers and also protect hair. They are most suitable for thin hair type, greasy or curly hair.


  1. Rinse out Conditioners - Rinse-out conditioners are the most common conditioners. It’s very easy to use rinse-through conditioners. You simply work the conditioner through your hair, leave it there for a couple of minutes and then rinse it out properly



Why apply Conditioner?

  • Helps to soften hair so it is more receptive to cleansing.
  • Helps detangle knots and snags, soften and condition without adding any additional weight to the hair. 
  • Repairs hair that has been chemically damaged.
  • Helps protect against heat and styling damage from blow dryers, hair straighteners, curlers and other hot tools.
  • Volumizes hair.
  • Helps give hair more manageability and shine.
  • Seals in moisture and helps protect against damage.
  • Makes it softer, smoother and easier to style.
  • Eliminates split ends and rough hair strands.
  • Makes you and your hair happy!


Beautiful hair makes a confident woman so choose your weapons ( hair products, of course) wisely! Click here to browse through more varieties of conditioners.


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