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It almost becomes impossible to maintain a glowing face after a hectic day’s work. So you should cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face twice every day, whenever you find that your facial skin feels dull and lifeless.

How to maintain a fresh face after a long and busy day?

  • You can simply take in some drops of aloe vera juice and lavender oil, mix them and store this into a bottle. If you have the habit of working in an air-conditioned room, then you can keep this mixture in a bottle and dab this liquid with some cotton on your face, whenever, you feel that the face feels dry. This works wonderfully for your skin cells, giving you a fresh face.
  • Natural and essential face oils can also be used to cleanse your face or to apply on your tired face to rejuvenate it. Just mix one or two drops of herbal face oil with rose water and dab this with cotton on your face. This rejuvenates your skin cells and the texture of your skin will also remain soft and supple.

  • Proper cleaning, exfoliating and toning are essential to keep your face glossy and smooth. It is vital that the dead skin cells be rubbed out, so that the layer of your facial skin gets all the nutrients from the regeneration of new skin cells. For that you can exfoliate your facial skin with gram flour, milk and honey and keep the pack on for ten minutes after a day’s work. This will instantly make your lifeless skin look fresh and there will also be proper blood circulation, if you massage your skin with this natural exfoliating pack.
  • It is essential to carry an anti-tan and an anti-spot face wash gel in your handbag, and after the completion of your day’s work, you can wash your face with this gel. It is generally suggested to use a face gel that contains vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients.

What are the things to avoid for keeping your face fresh?

  • You must not rub your pimple or acne.
  • It is essential to keep your face moisturized so that the water content can be retained for long.
  • Use fresh fruits to nurture the condition of your skin. An herbal face cream will work wonders for your skin.

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