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Usage of bath oils is not a new trend in India. Bath oils have been an age old practice. Usage of thick mud packs, other natural ingredients for lush hair and growing skin, bathing in rose water might sound like the perfect fairytale. It has been in practice since times immemorial. Bath oils are not only successful in making the skin feel pamperedbut also result in a happier, healthier, and a glossier skin.

The vicinity is surrounded by a great deal of pollution and thus skin should be given a great deal of importance so bath oils can be used by individuals. Bath oils are rich in vitamins and rose water which increase the scope of skin nutrition and also keep the skin hydrated. A few drops of bath oil in the tub can do wonders. The warm water in the tub allows the pores to be opened. This leads to soaking in of all the goodness of the oil. Alternatively, it can be also applied after a hot shower and then rinsing it off with cool water.

Some of the effective ways of rewarding your skin with bath oils can be in investing in these oils.

  • Rose

It has a calming and soothing effect and is known to help deal anxiety or nervous tension. It can be used by all skin types from dry to sensitive skin. It has great restorative properties.

  • Cedarwood, sandalwood or rosewood

Oils coming from the tree bark have incredible soothing and grounding. Lots of people like to use these individually rather there making a mixture of all these. Sandalwood is also known for its calming and excellent fragrance.

  • Neroli

It is extracted from orange blossom flowers and is known to calm the mind and uplift the spirit. It is a gentle sedative that encourages sleep and reduces anxiety. This oil can be thought of an antidote after a stressful day at work.

  • Lavender

Lavender is best for night time showers and it is also effective in insomnia. It also supports stressed, damaged and irritated skin to a great deal.

  • Vetiver

The “oil of tranquillity” is how Vetiver is famous in India. It is distilled from the roots of the Vetiver plant. It brings back the moisture lost by the skin due to cold air and indoor heat.

Nothing beats the benefits of indulging in a good bath oil . It has the capability of conditioning and hydrating the skin while the sublime fragrance of the bath oils scent the skin. Bath oils can have sundry benefits like calming to bring harmony, relaxing the mind. Thus a good bath oil is known to have the ability to do wonders to the skin. Click here for more.


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