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Taking care of our body while spending time outside in the sun is crucial. Whether it is taking a holiday along a beach or spending quality time with your loved ones in the backyard, we do not want anything to spoil the fun. Our skin is sensitive and needs protection. Vitamin D is vital but the fact that anything in excess can be harmful cannot be ignored.

Firstly, it is important that the time spent outside in the sun is under control. Protection from UV rays is necessary if one need skin protection. By allowing little access to the rays, the skin is likely to avoid burns and if one wants a clean tan, it is likely to last for more time. Building up the time spent in the sun gradually would help.

In the contemporary world, people have started opting for sunscreens and lotions to protect skin from burns and tan; but it is very important to note that only the right type of sunscreen is being used. The type of sunscreen clearly depends upon the type of skin one has. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in these sunscreens and lotions indicates the level of protection that can be provided against the harmful rays. It is important to keep in mind that once the damage to the skin is done, it would not be reverted by any type of sunscreen. Skin types differ from person to person therefore it is crucial to choose the sunscreens wisely depending upon the time spend in the sun and the skin type. The face, the neck and the torso are the most sensitive parts of the human body hence they should be taken care of more appropriately.

The ways of application of these kinds of products equally matters. Applying before exposure to sun, letting it dry and re-applying it would be beneficial. Generosity must be shown while applying to ensure visible results. Avoid using sunscreens of lower factor over higher factor and vice versa as they do not cause any special protection against the rays. SPF 20 and SPF 30 would do their work at their own place.

Mixing them would not be of any advantage to the skin. As far as the children are concerned, they can be stopped from staying out in the sun all day long. Therefore, usage of hats, sunglasses and sunscreens up to SPF 50+ is recommended. This can bring down the level of damage done by the sun to the children. Toddlers should be kept inside with zero exposure to the sun’s rays. Clothing, wearing hats and sunglasses, carrying umbrellas along with the application of sunscreens would be beneficial for all age groups of people. Click here to know more.


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