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Body lotions vs Body butter:

Body lotion encompasses more amount of water some are also made of 70% water. While the body lotion offersabundant moisture, it does so momentarily. This means onehas to apply it numerous times in edict to avoid dryness. On the contrary, body butter is composed of vital oils and nut butter. The constituents are humectants, palliative substances that ploy and lock in the moisture. This will condition and nurture the skin. The surface itself is much denser than lotion. When used frequently, body butter will hydrateone’s skin like magic.


Moisturizes:  Body butters are used as conditioners for the skin. It aids to form a fence between the skin and the outer world. This permits the skin to hold in dampness and stay a less dehydrated.

Softens: Skin will become very lenient after using the body butter. It will mark the skin steadier in addition to getting purge of the cracks on skin. 

Protects: It deals defense for the skin. Body butters are made up of natural elements which primarily consists of seeds and the nut oils. These oils ploy the moisture nearer to the skin and also thwart the detrimental external pollutants from penetrating.

Nourishes: Using body butter, you are familiarizing high levels of the ‘Omega-3’ fatty acids into your skin. Further vitamins like A, C and E are existing in body butter as well, contributing an added nurturing boost.

Averts Callous and Corn: One can also use body butter as callous or corn remover. After taking bath, pat the bases dry. Then, by applying a substantial amount of body butter, you need to massage the product in, chiefly on the pretentious area. Then, put on a pair of socks. Next morning, by the help of a callous scraper, gently do away with the dry skin. Continue this routine until the calluses vanish.

Factors to Consider: There could be thousands of body butter out in the market, now the question arises which one’s perfect for you? When it comes to pickingthe body butters, it is recommended to go for the biological, all-organic kinds. All-organic body butter will nurture the skin without banes. It is advisable t look for products made with “cold-pressed,” “crude,” or “unpolished” constituents. These kinds of body butter are mined from the cocoa bean, Shea nut or mango using no temperature. Heat destroys most of the nutrients that are found in the seed oils or in the nut butters. Click here to know more.


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