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Hair care is necessary. Your hair is effected by several elements; air, water, pollution, hair care products etc. Dandruff is a common problem every one faces, but chooses to ignore, thinking that it will cure with time. However, ignoring dandruff problems may lead to many more hair problems in future.

What can dandruff lead to?

  • Hair Loss: Dandruff in the hair may lead to huge amounts of hair loss. The presence of dandruff reduces the quality of hair, makes the hair strands weak and results in hair fall.
  • Itching and irritation: Constant irritation in your scalp and itching is a sign that you have dandruff. The irritation only increases with time and results are lack of focus on your work.
  • Frizz: Dandruff also lead to frizzy hair. Your hair breaks in the middle and the little strands joint to the scalp turn out to be frizzy hair.
  • Excess oil: For scalps that are naturally oily, dandruff increases the amount of oil in the scalp.
  • Excessive dryness: For scalps that are naturally dry, dandruff makes them even drier.


How dandruff increases?

  • Dandruff increases when you use the same comb which has been used by several other people. That is why you must always develop the habit of avoiding common combs and using separate ones.
  • Another way in which dandruff develops is through sweating. When you keep sweating a lot and ignore to wash your hair or clean it later, the sweat in your hair gets collected in your scalp and turns into dirt and dandruff


Why should dandruff be immediately cured?

Dandruff cure must be immediate. If you ignore to cure or prevent further dandruff, it will lead to hair loss, split ends and in worst case even baldness. The accumulation of dandruff also forms wounds on your scalp which can be very painful.

How to cure?

  • Use anti-dandruff products which do not contain artificial elements and chemicals.
  • Always oil your hair before applying shampoo or conditioner
  • Natural elements like bhrungraj, brahmi, jalamansi, vaj,triphla, lemon oil, coconut oil and other herbs are very good for nourishment of skin
  • Herbal and natural products do the work of all in one which includes: conditioning, nourishing, smoothening and effective blood circulation too.
  • Lastly, after washing your hair, take a drop of serum in your palm and spread it in your hair.

If the products are used regularly, you can see effective changes in your hair very soon. Take care of your hair while you still have it, because hair today may be gone tomorrow. Click here for more organic products to counter dandruff.


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