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Our nails need the most regular care. Lack of daily care and ignorance over basic nail-care tips often leads to chapped and luster-less nails that take toll on person’s overall personality. Here are 10 useful nail care tips that would keep them healthy and groomed.

  1. Maintain Cuticles

Cuticles are very important for healthy nails as they are the natural prevention from fungal or bacterial infection. Excessive tampering with cuticles may cause infection that can lead to even permanent nail damage.

  1. Keep Nail Hardeners at Bay

Nail hardeners are not very beneficial for nails’ health. Use them sparingly or only when your nails are extremely fragile and brittle. Nail hardeners do more harm than good as they make nails even more brittle and prone to breakage.

  1. Take Nourishing Supplements

Supplements like Vitamin B and Calcium are known to nourish nails by preventing their splitting or breakage. Take healthy diet and added supplements on daily basis for strengthening them.

  1. Limited Manicures

A luxuriant manicure is always soothing and pampering. However, excessive manicures make nails brittle and rob them of their nature sheen and moisture. This is due to usage of chemical based creams and lotions during manicure. Frequent manicures can cause infections on nail beds,making them red and puffy.

  1. Say No to Acetone

Acetone based nail paintremover can be really harmful. It strips nails of their natural moisture making them chapped. There are plenty of safe nail paint removers available that can be relied upon.

  1. EvadeRough Emery Boards

Old fashioned rough emery boards are passé now. They cause nail splitting. Instead, use a fine nail filer that would be soft on nails. And don’t move nail filer back and forth. Instead, move filer in one direction only.

  1. Protect your hands and nails

Our hands and nails  need to be protected from daily wear and tear. Wear gloves when washing clothes as chemicals based washing powder may render harm. Moisturize your hands and nails preferably after every session of laundering.

  1. Avoid Nail Extensions

Nail extensions may be latest in the fashion but they are not very promising for nails’ health. They are known to cause infection over nail bed, sometimes even leading to permanent damage. If it is must to use nail extension, go for just nail tips so that minimal area is covered.

  1. Use Quality Nail Paint

Always use nail paint of good quality and the one which has minimal presence of methyl methacrylate. If the nail paint is having strong and venomous smell, it must not be used.

  1. Don’t ignore toenails

Toenails often get ignored and remain prone to infections for they usually stay inside shoes and are less visible. Get good pedicures done with your own pedicure tools to maintain the hygiene.

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