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Shower gels  or popularly known as bodywash is a liquid form of the conventional soap that we use. It doesn’t contain any soap though. Instead, it has water and detergent kind substance used to clean the body with added fragrances.

It does have added fragrances: sometimes chemical and sometimes they are organic. The gels that are available are pH-balanced, that is, they are neither acidic nor basic. Therefore, there is a less chance of these gels to react with the body and cause irritation. Together with this, shower gels lather better, even in the hard water areas where soaps usually fail to do so.

There has always been a silent war among the shower gel users and companies and the ones in favour of soap. Keeping in mind the trend, people are now inclined towards the shower gel as it has many benefits over the conventional soap.

  1. Contamination free:

Shower gels are capable of keeping the bath products away from any potential contamination or common use. Soaps are used by everyone and there is always a tendency of finding a person’s body germs in it. Shower gels, on the other hand, are packed in such a way that it doesn’t come in contact with the skin directly.

Thus, shower gels are more sanitary.

  1. Excellent formulation:

Shower gels have an excellent formulation of essential oils and vitamins. There are huge varieties to choose from. Sometimes they also contain cream and oatmeal. It is basically prepared for hygiene purposes. Some gels contain antiperspirant that when used help people who perspire heavily.

  1. Anti-allergic:

If a member of the family is suffering from any kind of diseases or allergies, it is not sensible that the entire family uses the same bar of soap as the sick person. When it comes to shower gels, there is no such problem as there is no chance of it getting contaminated.

  1. Savings:

When we come to the savings point of view, there is always a chance of losing some amount of soap either by moisture or when the soap is about to get over. But in case of shower gels, there is no such hassle. It remains inside its bottle and can be used till the last drop.

  1. Lathers better:

If we compare what lathers better, there is nothing that can beat the shower gels. It is because of the combination of the essential fluid-like substances that helps it lather with minimum rubbing even when used with hard waters.

  1. Less time:

Since it lathers better, it also washes off faster than soap. This makes the bath time shorter using less water but leaving you emerging refreshed and with more fragrance.

Therefore, drifting apart from the conventional use of soap, the trend of using shower gels is becoming particularly popular leaving the body energetic, refreshed and with more fragrance.


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