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Kajal is a cosmetic product used for the eyes. Kajal is, in fact, the first cosmetic product that most women make use of to add beauty to the eyes. The use of kajal can be traced back more than 5000 years when it was used for its beauty as well as medicinal benefits. Kajal was initially made at home from camphor, vegetable oil, and ghee. With time, kajal was produced commercially. Commercial kajal is made from several natural as well as chemical products. Lead is extensively used in the manufacturing of commercial kajal, and, therefore, commercial kajal is considered to be harmful to the eyes. Lead not only damages the eye muscles but also affects the eyesight. It is, therefore, advisable to use organic kajal or Ayurvedic kajal for eye care.



Organic Kajal

Organic kajal is 100% pure kajal in the sense that it is made using natural products. The same holds for Ayurvedic kajal. Ayurvedic kajal for eyes can be made using pure castor oil, ghee, bronze utensils, and camphor. It can also be made using almonds. In both cases, the kajal obtained is pure in nature and has several beneficial effects on the eyes.


Ayurvedic Kajal

Ayurvedic kajal has components that are therapeutically beneficial for the eyes. The use of organic kajal moisturizes the eyes and keeps them hydrated. The use of this kajal also prevents impurities from getting into the eyes and freshens them. Ayurvedic kajal for the eyes enhances their shine and keeps the eye muscles strong. The use of this kajal also helps to evacuate tear fluid faster as compared to when commercial kajal is used. Natural kajal is also said to have astringent properties and thus makes the little red vessels in the eyes disappear so that they remain white.


Benefits of organic kajal


The following are the benefits of organic kajal that keep the eyes healthy:


Rich in Vitamin E:

Ayurvedic kajal made of pure castor oil is said to be very healthy for the eyes. Castor oil in its purest form is the richest form of vitamin E. It helps heal the eyes and makes the eyelashes thick and blacker. One of the main benefits of organic kajal is that it relieves the eyes from stress. It helps to get rid of tiredness in the eyes and keeps the eyes healthy.


Copper which is used in making organic kajal is well-known for its healing properties and is considered a purifier. Copper helps keep the eyes free from external and any makeup infections. It also helps in strengthening and relaxing the lens and eye muscles. It, therefore, helps to improve the eyesight.


Relaxes Irritated Eyes:

Bronze and silver are usually used in making Ayurvedic kajal and are known for their regenerating properties. They also help in healing allergies of the eye. These work to relax the irritated and swollen blood vessels because of over rubbing and thus help to improve the overall functioning of the eyes.

Cool Eyes:

Camphor is the main ingredient of organic kajal. It helps in providing coolness to the eyes and gives the eyes relief from stress. It helps in subsiding minor eruptions in the eyes and thus promotes the health of the eyes.

Keeps Dark Circles Away:

Ghee is another ingredient that is used in making Ayurvedic kajal. Ghee keeps dark circles away by relaxing them. It cleans the eyes of salt deposits from tears and removes minute makeup residue trapped under the upper and lower eyelids. Thus, the use of Ayurvedic kajal keeps the eyes free from infections and keeps them clean.


    Organic kajal is now available in many stores that sell beauty products. One can buy Ayurvedic kajal online as well. There are several online stores that sell 100% natural and organic kajal, which has several benefits to offer for the eyes. When buying from online stores, one must check the ingredients of the kajal and ensure that it is free from all types of chemicals.


    For more information on organic Kajal, click here.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is organic kajal?

    Organic kajal is a natural eyeliner made with organic and plant-based ingredients. It is a healthier alternative to conventional kajal, which may contain harmful chemicals and additives.


    How is organic kajal different from regular kajal?

    Organic kajal is made with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for use around the eyes. Regular kajal, on the other hand, may contain chemicals and additives that can cause irritation and other health problems.


    What are the benefits of using organic kajal?

    Organic kajal is a safer and healthier option for those who want to enhance their eyes without exposing them to harmful chemicals. It is gentle on the eyes, non-irritating, and can even promote eyelash growth.


    How do I apply organic kajal?

    To apply organic kajal, simply line the upper and lower lash line with the pencil, then smudge it with a brush or your fingertip for a softer look. You can also create a winged or smoky eye look with organic kajal.


    Where can I buy organic kajal in the USA?

    Organic kajal is available at many health food stores, natural beauty stores, and online retailers in the USA. Some popular brands of organic kajal include Lotus Herbals, Himalaya, and SoulTree.



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