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 Frieda Pinto says, "Take every dot of makeup off your face. Moisturize and sleep well – that’s most important. Drink loads of water. Eat a lot of veggies and fresh fruit. I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi, no soda or coffee. Only green tea, water and fresh fruit juices.”

Acne is the common problem that affects the skin of men and women both.A person of any age can be affected by this problem, but mostly it is found in teenagers and adults. It takes place when a node in the skin produces too much of the natural oil, called sebum clogs in the skin pores, resulting pimples. Bacteria in the sebum can cause knob and worsen the acne. It can pop up anywhere on the face. It usually strikes on face, but it has the other common areas also to breakout like neck and shoulder. Some home remedies and organic product can be used to cure it. There are a lot of products available in the market like tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar that can treat acne effectively.


Types of acne-

 Acne has various factors-whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts:

  • Whiteheads:-Hardly visible as it remains under the skin and small in size.
  • Blackheads:-Clearly visible as it appears on the surface of the skin in black.
  • Papules:-They are usually pink and small pumps visible on the skin surface.
  • Pustules:-They are red and have pus and clearly visible on the skin surface.
  • Cyst:-They are clearly visible and red filled with pus. They are painful and cause scars on the skin.

Causes of acne - The primary reason to have acne are the rise in androgen levels. It is the type of hormone and it is rising when the human become adolescent. The rising of the androgen levels is the reason to grow the oil gland under your skin and these enlarged gland produces more oil. Intense sebum in the skin clogs the pore of the skin and causes the bacteria to grow.

Another reason to have the acne is the presence of acne causing bacteria in the skin. Owing to the good and bad strain of the bacteria, acne is developed.

Acne treatment

Follow some natural remedies and skin care product for acne treatment-

  • Aloe Vera- It has the various properties to be effective in treating of numerous skin problems. Aloe Vera contains a miraculous gel to soothe acne and many more skin disorders like sunburn and minor skin infections. Nowadays, Aloe Vera gel is available in the market which are organic and equally good & effective for skin.
  • Tea tree oil-Tea tree has anti-viral and anti fungal properties. Tea tree oil gives an excellent treatment to cure acne. Researchers say, Tea tree oil has the same effect on acne as benzoyl peroxide without having harmful effects on skin. You can use tea tree oil to reduce acne fast. It penetrates into the skin deeply and unblocks the sebaceous gland. You can put two drops of this oil in your bathing water to remove acne from other parts of the body. 

  • Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce excessive oil from your skin. It has the antiseptic properties to keep the skin bacteria free. If used to wash your face with apple cider vinegar daily it cures a lot of skin problems including acne and pimples. It also balances the PH level and keeps your skin away from being too oily and dry.


  • Lemon Lemon is easily available and it is rich in vitamin C. Lemon has the beneficial nutrients which help to improve the health of skin and body. You can apply lemon juice on your skin directly to reduce acne and pimple. Opting for some organic face washes that are available in the market are one of the best option to treat acne and pimples naturally.

“Following natural component and home remedies is a simple way to treat acne”


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