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Wrinkles are one of our worst enemies that can hamper a person’s appearance. Unfortunately, they can also directly impact our confidence levels. The society’s constructs treat them as a big let-down and can alter your interpersonal relationships. People have generalisations about those who have dull skin and therefore, treat them unkindly or unfairly. This makes it difficult to realise that these are just skin problems that can be dealt with and cured as well.

Wrinkles are essentially skin problems like acne and blackheads that can happen to anyone. Although sometimes negligence of basic skincare and not following a good hygiene can deeply influence such skin conditions. They are usually associated with age related problems when the skin becomes dull and saggy. Therefore, either you must improve your diet or use beauty products to hold your skin together and maintain its texture.

But there is nothing to worry, the advancement in science and technology has come with numerous solutions to cure wrinkles. The results will not only bring a glow but also shoot up your confidence and personality.

So here is a list of a few things to keep in mind, if you want to get rid of wrinkles. Remember that these are all natural methods and have zero to minimum side effects. Try them and feel the difference:

  • Coconut oil: the benefits of coconut oil for a healthy skin are immensely popular these days. It is one of the best natural moisturising agents around. The anti-oxidants present in coconut are an excellent source to fight the emergence of premature lines.
  • Olive oil: the current hype surrounding olive oil is only because of the presence of vitamins A and E. Regular massage with this natural skin care product helps in protecting the skin from harmful pollutants and UV rays.
  • Banana mask:Banana is known to contain nutrients that are excellent natural moisturisers. It also contains vitamin A, which is beneficial in eliminating skin conditions like spots and blemishes. Further, vitamin B and potassium help to protect the skin from dust and other pollutants in the air.
  • Egg white mask:Eggs are considered as excellent sources of protein, potassium, magnesium and other anti-oxidants. These nutrients are the most natural moisturising agents that fight against dry and dull skin. They help to keep the skin tight and glowing due to sufficient hydration.
  • Nutritious diet:A balanced diet is known to have significant advantages. One of them is a healthy and wrinkle-free skin. A good diet contains all nutrients to protect the skin from sun damages and keeps it well hydrated.
  • Aloe vera:The new found fame of this natural element is because of its excellent anti-ageing properties. It helps to heal skin inflammation and regular usage of aloe vera ensures a soft and supple skin.
  • Lemon juice and honey:The citrus in lemon and the humectant in honey are beneficial in improving the elasticity of the skin and retaining its texture and glow.

But remember that these are something that we face as part of the natural human cycle. There is nothing wrong with a skin that shows its actual age. It is just a natural process of ageing and growing old, that must be cherished and enjoyed. It should definitely not hamper your personality or confidence. It is the unfortunate societal constructs that make us believe and consider them as evil effects and therefore hate ourselves.

We must know that such negative stereotypes often lead to serious health conditions like depression and inferiority complex. Therefore, the need of anti-ageing products is on the rise in todays’ world. No one should be left out or made to feel inferiors because of a natural change in the appearance of the skin.

People forget to look at what is inside than looking at the exterior. Thankfully, skin care products that are made from natural sources are a great source to cure wrinkles and other skin conditions. Try these products from Joy by Nature and see the change in your skin and overall personality.


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