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Pimples, zits, spot, etc. are skin problems faced by many, especially during their teen years. Avoiding oils substance and also avoiding popping your pimples are the steps to take during this annoying period. Fortunately, with many natural and home remedies available, treating pimples has become easy.


Drink Plenty of Water

Keep your body hydrated and drink a lot of water. Water helps in flushing out the toxins in your body which are causing your breakouts. This helps in smoothening your skin and preventing outbreaks of pimples.

Control Your Diet

Your diet plays a key role in the formation of your pimples and eating some foods accelerates the formation of pimples. Controlling what you eat will also help you to take control of your pimples. Avoid excess dairy products, caffeine, processed and refined foods and oily and fried foods. While keeping away from all these foods helps you to avoid pimples, you should also stuff your plate fresh organic products, whole grains, legumes and nuts and seeds. The fiber, omega 3, protein, natural digestive enzymes and vitamins will help your skin. Include ginger, turmeric and green tea in your diet which will help to open your pores and reduce the formation of pimples.

Tree Tea Oil

Tree tea oil is one of the most effective remedies for treating pimples. Apply the diluted oil on all the affected areas on your face. The oil has strong antibacterial properties. It neutralizes the acne causing bacteria which are on your skin and helps to eliminate the bacteria permanently.

Use Essential Oils

Many essential oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties and help in the prevention of new pimples by killing the pimple causing bacteria.

You can choose your own essential oil according to your mood and needs; use lavender if you are depressed or if you have blackheads along with the pimples use an essential oil that has antibacterial properties and for someone with upper respiratory infection, thyme, with its immune system boosting capabilities, is the best choice. You can also use calendula which has antimicrobial properties and also aids in healing.

Use an Organic Toner

Use natural toners to treat your skin. Mix apple cider vinegar with water and apply it over your face once in the morning and once before going to bed. The smell of vinegar, which you will have initially, will wear off once the mixture dries.


Change Your Lifestyle

Above all, make sure you get your 8-hours of sleep every night. Sleeping helps the body to work on its natural detox process which is a night-time biological process. Start practicing yoga. It will make you more aware of your body and it’s needs and at the same time, help you to overcome stress.

Washing your face to keep it clean is also essential for every skin. It helps to remove impurities, the extra oil and dead skin cells. Click here to learn more about getting rid of pimples the natural way.


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