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While for some of us constipation may just be an occasional problem, there are still others for whom it is a chronic health issue which requires constant attention and regular medications and laxatives to help them keep going. Though people resort to over-the-counter drugs to help them overcome constipation, massaging your foot is a natural treatment in healing constipation without any side effects.

  • Causes of Constipation

The reasons for constipation may vary from person to person. Some of the most common causes of this disorder may include taking of certain medications like antacids, medicines for allergies, depression, hypertension and diuretics and pain killers, improper diet such as lack of fiber and high-protein, age as elderly people who are more likely to suffer from constipation as they do not drink enough water, overuse of laxative, urge suppression or holding back the bowel, hormonal imbalance, colon diseases, colonic inertia, pelvic floor dysfunction and lack of exercise.

  • Reflexology

Foot massages are an effective, safe and relaxing way to treat your diseases. Many of us are not aware that our feet contain important nerves which help in the functioning of the different parts of our body, including the spine, heart and the stomach.

Chinese Reflexology works on the principle that the foot is a separate body with different energy sections which are directly related to the organs of our body. Hence, specific organs, bones and muscles in our body have corresponding reflex points on the feet, and if a certain part of our body needs therapeutic treatment, it can be done by massaging the corresponding section in the foot.

So by massaging one or a combination of areas, we will in fact be massaging the corresponding organs and muscles which will be receiving treatment. By paying special attention to these areas, not only do we relax our tired feet but also help to heal those parts of the body which are not well. Foot massage is thus used to relax the body, relieve internal pains and discomforts and also to treat any internal diseases.

  • How to Massage Your Feet?

Massaging your foot’s intestine and stomach areas is produces laxative effect and helps to relieve constipation.

  • To do this, you first need to locate the intestine and stomach areas on your feet.
  • Use your finger or your knuckle to press and apply firm pressure to the area. You can also make use of the end of a smooth stick for the purpose.
  • Stepping on pebbles or even on a golf ball will have the same effect.
  • It might hurt a bit in the beginning due to the fact that the organ corresponding to that area is not functioning properly. So go slow initially.

  • How Foot Massage Helps During Constipation
  • Massaging the feet improves the peristaltic movement in the intestines and the colon. This in turn improves digestion and also normalizes bowel movements.
  • Massaging specific areas in the foot, which correspond to the digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems in the body, helps the body to eliminate toxins and waste materials regularly.
  • If performed by an expert Reflexologist, imbalances and disorders of the body are detected and correct measures are taken to help the digestive system function properly.
  • The laxative effect of Reflexology helps to relax and ease the process of bowel movements during constipation.

You can also make foot massage oil at home. Mix Peppermint or Rosemary oil with carrier oil and take a generous portion of the mixture, rub it into your feet and massage well. Regularly massaging your feet helps to improve circulation of blood, keeps the nerve endings stimulated and nourishes the foot muscles. Click here to know more about foot massage for relieving constipation.


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